Reviewing the Custom Channel Template File Format

1.   Read through the following information about the required format of a Mari custom presets file.
2.   Study the example default channel template file.

Text File: <name>="<format>"

A default (DefaultTemplates.mtt) or custom (<filename>.mtt) channel templates file is a text file that starts with [Templates]] and then lists channel templates and their file formats.

Each line is a channel template. The name is listed on the left, and the format in quotes on the right. The format can include the following variables, and on Linux they are preceded with the dollar sign ($) while on Windows they're
preceded with the percent sign (%):



Any of the user's environment variables except PATH

These are taken from the shell from which the user opened Mari. Note that PATH here has a specific meaning - it is not the user's standard PATH.


The project's root path, as set in the Root Path field of the Channel Presets dialog box. This overrides the normal PATH variable from the user's original shell.


The filename prefix, as set in the Prefix field of the Channel Presets dialog box.


Name of the individual channel.


Udim number for each individual patch.