Basic Nodes

Learn the basic Mari nodes to get you started.

Filter Nodes

Mari includes a set of Filter nodes that allow you to make adjustments to paint your model.

Geometry Nodes

Discover Mari's Geometry nodes that allow you to position your texture to the shape of your object.

Layer Nodes

Learn how to combine nodes using layers to create your texture.

Math Nodes

Mari's Math nodes allow you to perform calculations on multiple node inputs.

Misc Nodes

Discover how to customize your node network and streamline your workflow using Mari's Misc nodes.

Procedural Nodes

Learn how to use Mari's Procedural nodes to add texture patterns, grid patterns, environments and masks to your objects.

Projection Nodes

Mari's Projection nodes allow you to project an image onto the surface of your object.

Shader Network

Learn how to use a shading model to view and make adjustments to multiple texture maps.