Types of Controls

The types of controls that can be found in Mari are listed in the table below. Each control is accompanied by an example image of how it appears in Mari, as well as a description of what it does and how to use it.


What it looks like

What it does

How to use it


Add attribute Lets you add an attribute to a property. Click the icon and fill in the Add User Attribute dialog box. For more information, see Extending Mari

Lets you select a function. Click it. May show an icon or a word.
Checkbox unselected,
Lets you select an option. Click to select. An x displays when selected.
Control sphere Lets you move a light around the scene. Click and drag to pull the light around.  
Curve editor

The Curve Editor button displays the Curve Editor in a pop-up window.


Maps between input and output values (45° = the same). Bar along the bottom displays the effect at each point.

Add points by clicking on the curve or bar. Click and drag to move a point on the graph. Shift+click and drag to move multiple points on the graph.

To select and deselect multiple points:

Shift+click the points.

Click outside the curve.

To edit points:

Double-click the selected points and change their values.

Right-click the points and select Edit Points.

You can also edit a single point using the same methods.

To delete a point:

Ctrl/Cmd+click it.

Right-click it and select Delete Point.

To delete multiple points:

Right-click the selected points and select Delete Points.


You can move, edit, and delete multiple points at once.
Dropdown list Lets you select from a list of valid values. Click the down arrow on the right, then click to select an option.  
text field Lets you type an entry. Click inside the box and type a valid entry.

Often combined with a slider and reset button.

When an text field has been combined with a slider to change values, click in the text field and press the middle-mouse button+drag up or down to increase or decrease the value.

Horizontal slider Slides along a range of valid values. Click and drag left (more) or right (less). Often combined with an text field (that shows the value) and reset button.
Incrementers Lets you increase or decrease a value. Click the up or down arrows. If you press Ctrl (on Windows and Linux) or fn (Mac) while pressing the up or down arrows, the number is increased or decreased by whole numbers rather than individual decimal points.
List Lets you select from a list of valid values. Click to select an option.  
on, off Shows whether an option is on or off Look at it. Often combined with a switch.
Lets you select mutually exclusive options. Click to select which option you want. Circle is filled when
selected. Sometimes called “radio buttons”.
Lets you remove an attribute from a property. Click the icon, then click
Remove to confirm.
Reset button Reset to the default. Click the icon. Often combined with an text field and slider
Swatch Displays the currently selected color, and lets you select a different color. Click to select a color from the Colors Palette  
Switch Turns an option on or off. Click and drag right (on) or left (off). Often combined with an On/Off indicator.
Tabs Displays several groups of the same kind of information, such as different categories of brush tips in the Shelf Palette.


a tab to view it

to view the previous or next tab

to add a tab

to delete a tab

to open the current tab in a separate window

Thumbnail Displays a thumbnail preview of a selected feature or function. Look at it.