Normal Strength Node

Access: Nodes > Filter > Normal Strength

The Normal Strength node adjusts the strength of the input tangent space normal map by blending it towards or away from a flat normal. The higher the strength, the further the input normal points from a flat surface and the more extreme the resulting normal map becomes.

This node can be used to make adjustments to a normal map without having to make any changes to the map itself. It is a good way of iterating and comparing various strengths.

Normal Strength with a value of 0.5.

Normal Strength with a value of 6.

Normal Strength Node Inputs




The normal map to input.

Normal Strength Node Outputs




The normal map that is output after the strength has been adjusted.

Normal Strength Node Properties


text field, slider

The strength of the normal map. A value of 0 outputs a flat normal, value of 1 outputs the same normal as was input.