Texture Sets Palette

The Texture Sets palette and the controls that can be found on it are described in the table below. When controls also bring up additional dialogs, these are referenced for more information.

What It Does

The Texture Sets palette manages texture sets or images (for example Megascans assets) that you can use for painting. You can browse and import texture sets to the Image Manager palette to work with images in your project. See Managing Images for more information.

Texture Sets Palette Fields



What it does

Opens this dialog box

Megascans tab

icon, slider

Resizes the Megascans previews in the Megascans tab. Dragging the slider to the left makes the previews smaller, while dragging it to the right makes them larger.


Megascans asset type


Specifies which type of Megascans asset to display. You can choose between the following options:

All types - displays all available scans.

Atlases - displays vegetation atlas scans.

Surfaces - displays tileable surface scans.




Specifies which Megascans categories to display. You can choose between the categories used in the Megascans imported in Mari. The more filter options you add, the more assets display in the tab.




Updates the available Megascans assets once you uploaded new ones to your machine.

To load or update your Megascans assets, see Managing Megascans Assets or Mari Preferences Dialog.