Getting a Foundry User Account

Before you can install Modo, you first need to download it. Modo program downloads and licensing are facilitated through the Foundry product download page.

First and foremost, you'll need an account for the Foundry website. If you purchased Modo directly from Foundry, your account was created automatically during the purchase process. Use the same username and password that you created when purchasing Modo to log in and gain access to the various installer downloads.

If you've purchased Modo from a reseller you'll need to create an account manually by visiting our website. To do this:

1.   Click the Create Account link in the upper-right corner of the page.
2.   Once the account is created, you should receive your 25-digit serial number from your reseller.

Note:   Expect the serial number e-mail once the order process is completed. The timing of this varies by reseller.

To link your Modo to the Foundry account you've created:

1.   Ensure that you are signed in, then navigate to Support > Activate MODO Serial Code on the Foundry website.
2.   Enter the 25-digit serial code and click Attach to my account.

Tip:  From time to time, Foundry makes available service packs and other updates that you can access from either your user account or from the Modo menu bar Help > Check for Updates. Once downloaded, you can follow the same procedure outlined here to install. It is recommended you un-install any previous version before initiating a new install (though backing up before un-installing isn't a bad idea, should something go wrong).