Getting Started

Basic Training Series

Everything you need to get started using Modo in this tutorial series, which covers an introduction to getting started, setting up a project, adding items and materials, and completing the scene.

Building a Spaceship

Learn the basics of modeling in Modo while designing a spaceship. You'll learn the basics of polygonal modeling, sub-divisional surface modeling, sculpting, MeshFusion, model bashing, and rigging.

Written Tutorials

Walk through step-by-step instructions to create a coffee mug and render the final results. These tutorials demonstrate the key features you will reuse in other projects.

Modeling, Lighting, and Animation

Architectural Modeling

Learn about the techniques for creating an architectural model in Modo from a given set of dimensions that is suitable for architectural visualization.

Interior Lighting

Learn how to use Modo to effectively tackle many common lighting, surfacing and rendering challenges with interior architecture in this tutorial series.

Animation Principles

New to animation? This training series tackles the core principles of animation and how to apply them to 3D modeling and animation in Modo.

Modo and Other Applications

Using Modo with 3ds Max

Ease your transition from 3ds Max to Modo with this series exploring important differences between the two tools and how make Modo's toolset more accessible for 3ds Max users.

Using Modo with Maya

From interface elements and navigation to UI customization and tools, these tutorials will help Maya artists setup Modo for effortless pipeline integration.

Using Modo with Softimage

This video series offers transitional tips and walkthrough lessons to help Softimage artists leverage the strength of Modo in their pipeline.

Using Modo with Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D artists will find the lessons in this tutorial series make transitioning over to using Modo in your pipeline an easy shift.