Render Items

Create a container for global scene render settings and apply Frame, Settings, and Global Illumination.

Camera Items

Learn about using the camera as a virtual lens into the 3D world inside Modo.

Render Outputs

Learn about how to output a Render operation.

Render Commands

Learn about commands on how to convert polygons and lights in a scene to produce a bitmap image.

Render Passes

Learn about controlling any aspect of a scene.

Render Proxy

Learn the recommended workflow for creating proxy items.

Deferred Meshes

Learn how to convert an existing non-deforming mesh to an externally saved .lxdf file.

VDB Voxel

Learn how to create simulations stored in the open-source VDB voxel.

Driving Render Outputs Nodally

Learn how to render on a per-sample basis, through input channels for the color and value of each render output.

Network Rendering

Learn how to set up multiple machines across a network to render single images or sequences.

Render Display

Learn how the Render Display windows works.

Tone Mapping

Learn how to use Tone Mapping to manipulate contrasting.

Color Management

Learn how to control the conversion of colors when moving between different formats, systems, and devices.

Saving Images

Learn how save rendered images.