Modo Preferences

A comprehensive reference guide to the Preferences available to Modo artists.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A reference guide to the keyboard shortcuts for common tasks, broken down into UI categories.

Modo Developers

Explore Modo's open, flexible architecture giving you the freedom to work within your pipeline and create custom tools.

Third-Party Software

Learn about the third-party libraries used in Modo, along with their versions and licenses.

End User License Agreement

The End User License Agreement that you must agree to before downloading or using any software product of Foundry.

Previous Modo Help Versions

A collection of links to previous versions of Modo's online help.

Release Notes

Everything you need to know about Modo releases, including new features, bug fixes, and known issues.

Foundry Community

Explore, discuss, and watch contributions from the Foundry Community.

File Commands

Learn about the standard controls necessary for opening, closing, and managing files to and from disk.

Modo Markup

Learn about Modo's markup feature that you can use to add styles to tooltips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a problem that's perplexing you with Modo?


Learn about installing and using Modo plug-ins.