Easy Gradient

Cellular Default

The Easy Gradient process layer applies a user-defined color gradation across the gray values of any lower Shader Tree layer set to the same Effect type, this makes it easy to colorize procedural textures that are generally defined by two colors (foreground/background). In the example above, an Agate texture layer is applied, set as Diffuse Color effect, with an Easy Gradient layer at the default values, placed directly above it in the tree also set to Diffuse Color. The color gradations are applied as zones represented by the Blend Values. You can define up to 8 colors with corresponding blend zones; representing the entire gray spectrum from 0% black to 100% white.

Note:  For information regarding adding and working with Shader Tree item layers, see the Shader Tree topic.

Layer Properties



Toggles the effect of the layer on and off. This duplicates the functionality of toggling visibility in the Shader Tree. When disabled, the layer has no effect on the shading of the scene. However, Modo saves disabled layers with the scene, and they are persistent across Modo sessions.


Inverts the colors (RGB values) for the layer to produce a negative effect.

Blend Mode

Affects the blending between different layers of the same effect type. With this, you can stack several layers for different effects.

For more about blending, see Layer Blend Modes.


Changes the transparency of the current layer. If there are layers below this layer in the Shader Tree, reducing this value increasingly reveals the lower layers. Reducing the value always dims the effect of the layer.


Sets the association for the Texture Locator. Most texture layers have a Texture Locator that Modo automatically creates in the Item List. This defines the mapping of the texture (how Modo applies the texture) to the surface. You can specify alternate locators, but this is normally not required. Although you may want multiple texture items to share a single locator.

Projection Type

Defines how a texture/material is applied to a 3D surface. Types vary significantly in their effects. For a guide to each Projection Type see Projection Type Samples.

Projection Axis

The texture/material is projected down this axis. This applies to Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical, Cubic, Box, and, Light Probe projection types.

Easy Gradient Properties

Emodo Properties

Process - EasyGrad

Blend 1-8

These parameters define the blend points of the gradient.

Color 1-8

These parameters define the colors of the gradient.

Alpha 1-8

These parameters define the alpha channel of the gradient.

Value 1-8

These parameters define the opacity of the gradient.