Path Generator

The Path Generator sub-tool uses an existing curve to provide a path for other tools to walk and evaluate. This can be useful for things like extruding or transforming shapes along curves and controlling positions of elements along a curve. For example, you can use the Path Generator along with the Text tool, to place characters along a curve.

Using the Path Generator

Before using the Path Generator tool, you need an item in your scene to use it with. In this example, we use the Text primitive.

1.   In the Mesh Operations list, click Add Operator.
2.   Under Procedural > Create > Primitives, add the Text primitive.
3.   In the Properties panel of the Text item, enter your text, and set the font.
4.   In the list, expand the Text item to reveal the Tool Pipe, and click (Add Tool Pipe).

The procedural Preset Browser opens

5.   Under New, double-click Path Generator to add it the Text item's tool pipe.
6.   Add a new mesh layer in the Item List by clicking Add Item, and under Locators, select Mesh.
7.   Draw a curve in the new mesh. The Curve tool can be found in the Setup layout under the Setup sub-tab, or in the Model layout's Basic sub-tab, by clicking and holding on the Pen tool.

Note:  For more information on the Curve tool, see the Adding Curves topic.

8.   In the Mesh Operations list, expand the Path Generator item, and under Curve, click (Add Curve).

The procedural Preset Browser opens.

9.   In the Preset Browser, under Existing, double-click the mesh layer that contains your Curve.

Modo places your text on the curve.

You can adjust how the text is drawn along the curve in the Text item's Properties panel.

Note:  For more information on text properties, see Text.

Path Generator Properties

The settings for the Path Generator are the following:

Path Generator

Curve Index

Specifies the index of the curve to be used as path. If you have multiple curves in your scene, you can choose the one you need by entering its index.


Specifies the beginning of the curve. Any section between the real start of the curve and this value is ignored.


Specifies the end of the curve. Any section between the real end of the curve and this value is ignored.

Curve Slide

Determines where the text should start on the curve. Use this setting to slide the text along the curve.

Path Generator Schematic

The Path Generator sub-tool has a single graph input, allowing any item that presents a curve group, such as a mesh layer, to be connected. The curve is evaluated and interpreted as a Path Generator for use as part of the procedural tool system.