Radial Align

Found in the Deform sub-tab of Modo's default toolbox, the Radial Align tool moves selected vertex or UV positions along a circle or polygon.Modo computes the center of the selected elements and the radius when you activate the tool based on the location of the first click in the viewport. You can interactively adjust the center of circle, the radius, and the angle offset after activation by adjusting the tool handles or by dragging in the viewport. In Edges selection mode, Modo connects selected edges and then aligns points in the connecting edge loop. In Vertices mode, Modo tries to connect selected vertices along edges. If the selected vertices are not continuous, then Modo uses the vertex selection order instead. In Polygons mode, Modo uses boundary edges and connects them like in Edges mode.

The following Radial Align options are available for Radial Align:

Radial Align


Controls the alignment procedure.

Circle - adjusts the selected positions to align along a circle specified by the Radius value and the calculated center position.

N-Sided - aligns positions along a polygon specified by the Side and Rotate values. If the number of selected positions is less than the number of sides, Modo interpolates the remaining points between the corner points of the polygon.


Defines the number of sides in a polygon when you select N-Sided.


Offsets the start position by the defined number of degrees when you select N-Sided.


Sets the radius of the circle. Modo computes the initial radius of the selected elements when you activate the tool. You can adjust the radius interactively by using the Radial Align tool's handle.


Rotates the aligned positions at the center along a circle. You can adjust this value by dragging directly in viewport.


Determines how to interpolate positions between the source (non-aligned) positions and the aligned positions. You can adjust this value interactively by dragging directly in the viewport. Additionally, the value for each position can be modulated by a falloff.

Smoothing Iterations

Specifies how many times Modo applies the smoothing operation. The Radial Align tool relaxes points inside of boundary edges only with selected polygons (in Polygons selection mode).


Moves inner points to the circle plane before applying the smoothing process. This works only with selected closed polygons (in Polygons selection mode).

Center X/Y/Z

Represents the center location. Modo automatically computes the center when you activate the tool. You can modify it interactively in the viewport by using the handle or by specifying values in the Properties panel.