Adding Additional Vertices to an Edge

Adding additional vertices to an edge can be easily done by using the Edge Subdivide command, allowing you to quickly and easily reconfigure the topology of your mesh. Edge Subdivide can also be used on Polylines as well as regular edges.

To use Edge Subdivide:

  1. Select the edge that you want to subdivide
  2. You can also subdivide multiple edges at once

  3. Navigate to the Edge tab
  4. Click the Edge Subdivide button at the bottom of the Edge menu

Your edge is now subdivided. By default, Modo will add a singular vertex to the center of your selected edge, increasing the segment amount of your edge to two.

An additional vertex has been added, and the edge has now been split into two.

Fine Tuning your Subdivisions

There are two options within the tool that can be accessed by holding down Alt when pressing the Edge Subdivide button: Percent and Segments.

Percent places the vertex at that percentage through the selected edge, while Segment allows you to create multiple verts along an edge.

Note:  Percent only works when the segment amount it less than three. Anything higher, and the segments will be placed evenly along the edge.

Percent has been changed, so the vertex is places offset from the center of the edge Segment amount has been increased, so the number of vertices created is greater.