Sculpting Techniques

Review Modo's three types of sculpting techniques : Mesh, Image-Based, and Multi-Res.

Using Sculpting Brush Tools

Learn about a collection of tools and useful commands that are dedicated to painting and sculpting.

Adding Images

Learn about bitmap images, which are an essential component of texturing, painting, and image-based sculpting.

Using Sculpting Masks

Learn how to use masking in Modo to limit sculpting to specific areas of a surface.

Locking Borders and Corners

Learn how to set Sculpt Tools locking options to lock borders and corners.

Creating Sculpting Layers

Learn how to layer sculpting data to separate and control sculpting in multiple passes.

Using Sculpting Utility Commands

Learn how commands can help you convert geometry into a brush, smooth geometry, and more.

Using the Multi Resolution Palette

Learn about working with a multi-resolution mesh for sculpting.