Root Puff

The Root Puf brush rotates the root of the fibers or guides toward the direction of the surface normal. Especially useful when fibers have been combed to the point where the roots are rotated parallel to the surface. The Fur brush can be combined with the Customizing Paint Tools to further customize how the brush styles the fur. The Root Puff tool can be found in the Hair Tools sub-tab of the toolbox, found in the Paint tab of the interface. When selected, the following attributes display in the Properties panel.



On the left, a group of combed guides, on the right the Root Puff tool applied.

Sculpt Mask



Puff Amount

The Puff Amount value determines the strength of the brush stroke. Higher values have a greater influence over the fibers than lower values.

Screen Brush

The Screen Brush option, enabled by default, affects all vertices under the brush tips circle, regardless of their distance. When the option is disabled, only vertices that are within the 3D sphere of influence around the brushes tip are affected.