Using Sculpting Brush Tools

Sculpting is a fast and intuitive method for building and refining 3D models. The brushes for sculpting can be found in the Paint layout interface, where Modo has a collection of tools and useful commands that are dedicated to painting and sculpting. You can also access the tools from the Texture > Sculpt Tools menu. Invoking any of the tools displays the associated properties in the appropriate viewport panel.

To sculpt, you need to select both a tool (a brush) and a tip (designates how the tool affects the geometry). When working with a mouse, drag over the surface to apply the stroke. You can also use a pressure-sensitive stylus and tablet. To scale the size of the brush tip, right-click and drag in the viewport.

Sculpting Tools

Cube Icon


Moves vertices away from the surface along the calculated normal direction of the polygon.

Cone Icon


Pushes all vertices out along their normals with the push strength modulated by the brush.

Sphere Icon


Creates a "hill-and-valley" effect by pushing vertices at the center of the brush in and pulling vertices at the edge of the brush outward.

Sphere Icon


Raises the surface along the normal of the underlying polygons up to a desired level.

Sphere Icon


Evens out bumpy and irregular surfaces.

Sphere Icon


Pushes the surface inward to create a valley.

Sphere Icon


A pinch operation combined with a brush tip that pushes and pulls at the geometry, leaving a specific mark that looks like a scar.

Sphere Icon


Massages the mesh to a common flat plane.

Cylinder Icon


Pulls vertices along with the brush briefly and then leaves them to rest as the brush passes on.

Sphere Icon


Grabs the mesh inside the brush and drags the surface in the direction of the brush.

Sphere Icon

Tangent Pinch

Pulls the geometry in towards the axis perpendicular to the brush stroke.

Sphere Icon

Center Pinch

Pulls geometry in towards the center of the brush.

Capsule Icon


Creates a vortex of vertices around the center of the brush.

Sphere Icon


Moves the surface of the mesh that is within the brush at the time of the click in or out along the local normals.

Torus Icon


Image-based sculpting only. Diminishes the strength of the sculpted data stored in the current displacement or vector displacement image texture.


Sculpting Masks

Cylinder Icon

Mask: Paint

Adds masking to the target surface.

Cylinder Icon

Mask: Smooth

Softens or blurs an existing mask.

Cylinder Icon

Mask: Scale Down

Decreases the strength of the target mask.

Cylinder Icon

Mask: Erase

Removes masking from the target surface.

Cylinder Icon

Mask: Set Value

Applies the defined value to the mask to overwrite all existing values.