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Light Types

Modo offers a variety of different light types that simulate real world sources of illumination. You can add a light to the scene from menu bar, by selecting Item > Create Light and then selecting the type of light you wish to add. Lights can also be added from the Item List by clicking Add Item and selecting one of the available light types. Settings related to the lights' illumination are set within the Properties Panel when light items are selected, material-specific properties are available through the light material item, selectable within the Shader Tree. Select any of the lights types listed below to be directed to the appropriate page of the documentation.

Direct Light Types

Icon Directional Light Area Light

Icon Directional Light Cylinder Light

Icon Directional Light Directional Light

Icon Directional Light Dome Light

Icon Directional Light Photometric Light

Icon Directional Light Point Light

Icon Directional Light Portal

Icon Directional Light Spot Light


Area Light

Cylinder Light

Directional Light

Dome Light

Photometric Light

Point Light


Spot Light