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Color Gamma

The Color Gamma node changes the gamma of an input. Like the other color channel nodes, this operation can also be masked with a texture or value.

Gamma is the measure of total contrast in an image and represents the relationship of an image input to an image output. A gamma value of 1 is said to be linear, the value input is identical to the value output. Modifying the Gamma value changes how the image is represented. Values higher than 1 lighten the image, while values lower than 1 darken it. Adjustments to the gamma value are not linear, which means they don't change all the pixels in an image the same amount, explaining why it is often referred to as a gamma curve.


The Color Gamma node is added to the Schematic Viewport using the Add function, found in the pop-up menu under Channel Modifiers > Color > Color Gamma. Once added, an RGB color output from another node can be connected to the Color Input of the Color Gamma node. The result of the adjustments are then sent through the Color output for connecting to another RGB or value input.

NOTE:  For information on working with node graphs, see Schematic Viewport

When the node is selected, the following attributes also appear in the Properties panel.

Gamma Gamma GO!

Color Gamma



Source Gamma

The Source Gamma value represents the gamma as a correction to the incoming RGB inputs (if necessary, from an uncorrected source file).

Target Gamma

The Target Gamma represents the gamma correction applied to the Source input. The adjusted results are then sent to the Color output.


Schematic Node: Color Gamma



Color Input

These inputs read RBG values from the output of another node. Input values can be simple RGB values or a texture node, or complex combinations of multiple nodes. The input is modified using the gamma controls found in the properties panel.


The Mask input controls the strength of the Gamma application across the image using an input value. White shows the adjusted input fully, attenuating toward black which shows no adjustment.

Color Output

The Color output field represents the final results of the evaluated gamma application.