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Color Kelvin

The Channel Color Kelvin node outputs RGB values based on the Kelvin thermal dynamics color-temperature color model. This allows you to smoothly animate colors across the kelvin range, with correct interpolation, rather than making excessive keyframes for red, green, and blue channels individually. This would be useful to animate, for instance, a distant light for a sunrise type of effect when the color would change across the kelvin spectrum as the light attenuates through the atmosphere.


The Color Kelvin node is added to the Schematic Viewport using the Add function, found in the pop-up menu under Channel Modifiers > Color > Color Kelvin. Once added, you can select the node and define a color temperature value in the Properties panel, based on the Kelvin color-temperature color model. Values can either be static or animated. The corresponding color is converted to RGB values internally and output of the three R, G, and B channels of the node.

NOTE:  For information on working with node graphs, see Schematic Viewport


Color HSV

Channel Color Kelvin




These options determine the color value using the Kelvin color model. Their RGB output values can be linked to a materials RGB value input channels to control the materials colors with the modifier.