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UDIM Indicator

The UDIM Indicator is an option that allows for a more fluid UDIM workflow. Its main function provides an outline to help target the current UDIM space, as well as some optional commands to easily move UV elements around. The UDIM Indicator option is enabled in the UV layout workspace, found at the top of the default toolbox. When enabled, a translucent rectangle appears around the active UDIM address, and the additional options are added to the tool Properties panel.

The following UDIM Indicator options are available for the UDIM Indicator:

Position U/V/Width/Height - generally, for the most fluid UDIM workflow, you have the Manual option disabled and simply enter a UDIM Number to position the indicator frame. For specific tasks, you may wish to manually position the frame. This is done by enabling the Manual options and adjusting the Position U and Position V values. These values move the indicator frame originating from its lower-left corner. The Width and Height values determine the size of the frame itself.

UDIM Number - positions the UDIM indicator frame to the defined UDIM address location in the UV mapping viewport.

Manual - enable when you want to position the Indicator Frame to a specific location within the UV viewport that doesn’t match up to the UDIM address standard. Also works in conjunction with the Fit to Selection command to allow simplified translations of selected UV elements.

Show Coverage - displays a percentage value in the lower-right corner of the current UDIM frame, representing the amount of area of the total region that is covered by geometry. This option is useful to game workflows, when trying to maximize the amount of texture space being used for the target surface.

Fit to Selection - fits the Indicator Frame exactly around the outside to the currently selected geometry. The Manual option must be enabled first for this command to work. When used as such, the Fit to Selection option allows you to use the Nudge and Move options to easily translate elements around in UV space.

Select UVs in the Region - selects all the geometry that is fully contained within the indicator frame.

Move UVs in the Region - opens a dialog box where you can enter a specific UDIM tile address and all selected or fully contained geometry within the indicator frame is moved to the new location, and the UDIM Number value is updated to reflect the new indicator frame location.

Nudge Buttons - works exactly like the Move UVs in the Region command but simply moves the frame contents over to the adjoining UDIM position, based on the nudge button direction that is pressed.