Fusion Mesh Conversion

When you've finished building a Fusion model, you can convert it into a regular mesh for further editing, rendering, or 3D printing.

For more information Mesh Modes, see Creating a New Fusion Item.

To convert a Fusion model to a regular mesh, follow these steps:

1.   Select the Fusion Item in the Item List.
2.   In the Properties panel (lower-right), ensure the Fusion tab is selected.
3.   In the Fusion Mesh section, set the Mesh Mode to Airtight Final.

Note:  To reveal the Fusion Mesh section, click the double arrow button on the bottom of the Properties panel.

4.   In the Output Mesh section, click Convert to Mesh Item.

Alternatively, click Dup to Convert to Mesh to create a duplicate fusion item mesh The original fusion Item is hidden.

5.   Click OK to replace the fusion item with a regular mesh.
6.   Click OK on the next dialog.