Slice Effector

The Slice Effector tool is used to cut geometry on a mesh along the particle positions provided by a tool generator connecting to Tool Pipe. This is used in combination with the Pen Slice and Curve Slice tools. The Pen Slice tool slices the geometry along the polyline path with the pen generator tool. The Curve Slice tool slices the geometry along the curve path and path steps generator tools.


To use the Slice Effector tool, you need a geometry to cut and a slicing curve to cut with.

1.   Add the geometry you want to slice using the Add Operator button in the Mesh Ops tab.
2.   Add a new mesh layer to place the curve in: Click Add Item in the upper half of the Mesh Ops tab and select Item > Mesh.
3.   With the new mesh layer selected, draw a curve in it, using the traditional curve tools in Curve tab of the modeling toolbox. For more information, see Adding Curves.
4.   Select your original mesh layer, the one that contains your geometry, and in the Mesh Ops tab, click Add Operator, then select Mesh Operations > Edit > Curve Effector.

The Create Slice Clone dialog opens.

5.   Select the mesh that contains your curve as Path, then click OK.

Curve Slice is added to the Mesh Operations list. When you expand it by clicking the small arrow in front of it, you can see its inputs.

Slice Effector Properties

The following options are available:




Activates/Deactivates tool. By default, this property is enabled.

Use World Transform:

Centers a geometry selection at the World Origin position. By default this property is enabled.


Sets the axis direction to slice geometry.

Vector X, Y, Z

Sets the axis vector position for X, Y, and Z.

Select Sliced Edges

Sets edge selections for sliced edges to the selection set. The selection is automatically created and displayed in the Mesh Ops tab under Lists.

Edge Selection Set

Defines the name of the edge selection set for the Select Sliced Edges option. This name can be entered in the Add Operator > Mesh Operations > Selection > Select By Selection Set which can be used with Edge mesh operations.