Getting Help

Modo features several forms of help, in a variety of locations.

Viewing Tool Tips

Most controls offer concise instructions in the form of tool tips. To display the tool tips, move your mouse pointer over an interface control or parameter.

Viewing the Context-Sensitive Help

The context-sensitive help allows you to open the documentation for a particular tool or UI element by clicking on it in the interface.

To display these descriptions in your default web browser, press F1 on the keyboard. You can also activate the context-sensitive help in the menu bar, under Help > Activate Help.

The cursor turns into a ? (question mark), and when you click on a UI element, the relevant Help topic is displayed in a new browser window.

Using the Help Menu in Modo

You can click the main Help menu to access the following:

Activate Help - activates the context-sensitive help.

Learn Modo - opens the Foundry Learn page featuring video tutorials and links to other resources.

Online Documentation... - opens the Modo Online Help.

Documentation Download - opens a page featuring links to online and offline help for all versions of Modo.

SDK Developers Wiki - opens Modo’s SDK documentation designed for developers.

TD SDK Documentation - opens Modo’s TD SDK documentation designed for developers interested in Modo's Python API.

Kit Version - opens a submenu featuring documentation for various Modo kits, including Fusion and ProRender.

What's New in Modo... - opens the What's New in Modo topic of the documentation, containing the list of new features.

Foundry Homepage... - opens the Foundry website.

Foundry Asset Portal... - opens a source for sharing and downloading assets, scenes, and scripts.

Foundry User Community... - opens the Foundry forums.

Foundry TV... - access to training videos, tutorials, feature demos, and user videos.

Foundry Blog... - opens the Foundry blog.

Foundry User Gallery... - opens the Foundry User Gallery, where you can find images and videos created by other users and submit your own work.

Contacting Customer Support

Should questions arise that the online help system fails to address, you can visit Foundry's Support Portal.