Release Notes for Modo 17.0v4

Release Date

9th April 2024

Fixed Issues

ID 556820 - Crash reporter not working on some Windows systems due to driver conflicts.

This fix requires the use of an environment variable SENTRY_REINSTALL_BACKEND=True for Windows customers not seeing the crash reporter due to driver conflicts (we are aware that the Huion tablet driver and possibly the Surface Pro touch screen driver cause this problem, but there may be others).

ID 561161 - Mesh stops reacting to transformation.

ID 565298 - MeshFusion - Airtight Final w/Parts and Airtight Final Item Parts are failing to display the mesh correctly in Modo 17.0.

ID 567092 - Crash editing the corner handles on a Particle Plane (Geometry > Primitive Tools > Particle Plane).

ID 567309 - Selection of edges is not working with Procedurals.

ID 567612 - Fixes a potential crash when duplicating MeshOp stacks.

ID 567640 - modo_cl crashes loading some scenes.

ID 568510 - Axis Drill and Solid Drill don't work with this scene.

ID 568617 - Procedural Clone does not clone channel links if there are no sub-tools.

ID 572990 - [SDK] Docstrings broken in 17.0

ID 573152 - Crash closing scenes with deferred evaluation enabled.

ID 543114 - Viewport not refreshing with MOP Booleans.

ID 557451 - Light Illumination and Show Lights settings should be independent from each other.

ID 560616 - Set weight map does not update texture values in real time.

ID 568338 - Crash painting on a weight map.

ID 568892 - Crash with UV Unwrap MeshOp when enabling the Symmetrize option.

ID 569083 - Mirror tool produces strange geometry.

ID 569233 - Random crashes selecting shader tree layers in this scene.

ID 569285 - Crash selecting texture in Shader Tree.

ID 572583 - Fixes common random crash related to selections and mesh edits.

No ID - Safe fix for a common selection drawing crash. Incorrect selections may be still be drawn in some cases. A more thorough fix is targeted for 17.0v5.

Known Issues

ID 290325 - Hiding the OpenGL view renders incorrect material smoothing in Octane.

Workaround: Be sure to have a GL viewport open when rendering with Octane.

ID 485334 - [PUBLIC] Add Layer dropdown menu can disappear on Linux.

ID 494064 - SceneItemListener ChannelValue does not fire as many events when swapping passes to / from the "None" pass.

ID 551467 - Multiresolution sculpting is slower in Modo 17.0.

ID 552969 - [macOS] AVP performance is much lower with Line Antialiasing set to Full for some scenes.

Workaround: Set the Line Antialiasing to Off for improved performance.

ID 556425 - Show Label is slower than 16.1v8.

ID 556427 - Showing Dimension is slower than 16.1v8.

ID 556747 - Lag of View Objects and small mouse input scale.

ID 557046 - [PUBLIC] Item Shaders attached to items do not work correctly and can become unstable.

Workaround: Move the Base Shader below and then back above the Base Material.

ID 557091 - The Geo from Curves kit doesn't work correctly in Modo 17.0.

ID 557959 - Select by UV Seam (Selma kit) only updates properly when the UV view is used.

ID 558969 - [PUBLIC] Projected textures on one mesh causes rendering issues with the textures on another.

Workaround: In the Texture Locator properties change Front Culling from Cull Backfacing to any other option.

ID 559029 - 10000+ cubes scene results in lower frame rate then in 16.1v8.

ID 559465 - Selecting the cuttlefish draws its underformed shape.

ID 559884 - Purge Unused Materials may misbehave in Modo 17.0.

ID 559924 - Mesh flickering when undoing a transform.freeze command.

ID 560148 - Duplicating many dense items is a bit slower in Modo 17.0.

ID 560245 - Performance drop loading this scene.

ID 560330 - Error in displaying Subdivision in viewport.

ID 560415 - Flashing of a base mesh and ghosted mesh.

ID 561025 - Errors on the Selections when Tools are active.

ID 561699 - The correct texture layer effect isn't applied, even though they are properly named and auto is enabled.

Workaround: Manually set the effect for the layer or use Set Effects - Whole Tree.

ID 562162 - Curve and Stepped keys automatically change.

ID 562751 - Render result using Fur Direction image map doesn't match 16.1v8.

ID 563046 - Motion Paths don't update when there are multiple motion paths in a scene.

Workaround: Remove Motion Paths from the items you aren't currently working with.

ID 563404 - The behavior of ignoring Japanese IME (Input Method Editor) input in the 3D viewport has been lost.

ID 564059 - Higher RAM usage in this scene compared to 16.1v8.

ID 564156 - Lag with selecting polygons.

ID 564405 - MeshOps update for each layer separately, one after another.

ID 564406 - Scene from earlier versions opened in Modo 17+ doesn't preserve display overrides for locators.

ID 564450 - UV lists don't refresh when deleting UV map.

ID 564474 - Modo 17.0 renders this scene 50% slower than Modo 16.1v8.

ID 564536 - Could not draw Paint Mask correctly.

ID 564791 - Statistics in the frame buffer are not showing Render Passes properly.

ID 564811 - Undo command redraw issue.

ID 564844 - [GoZ] zBrush transfers failing to open in Modo 17.

ID 565296 - MeshFusion has issues with generating UVs.

ID 565312 - Poor performance with particle simulations.

ID 565572 - Changing the frame on the timeline doesn't always update.

Workaround: Click on an item in the 3d view.

ID 565723 - Crash in dynamics scene (using Emmy Kit).

ID 565751 - The animation set in Curve Sweep does not play correctly.

ID 565754 - Hang simulating Soft Body dynamics.

ID 565902 - Advanced viewport doesn't show RGBA textures on all meshes.

ID 566093 - mPath crashes at the end of the first iteration.

ID 566183 - Transformation drawing errors in component mode.

ID 566216 - Hang/crash when deleting assemblies.

Workaround: Use the Groups panel to delete sub-assemblies before deleting the root assembly.

ID 566305 - Subdividing meshes results in badly interpolated UVs.

ID 566370 - Painting RGBA maps only shows the colors under the cursor.

ID 566533 - Particle Paint doesn't work.

ID 567054 - Potential hang when using AVP and parenting items.

ID 567225 - Using subdivide and then performing undo will cause redraw issues.

ID 567321 - Crash simulating this scene.

ID 567453 - Items transforms are sometimes interpreted incorrectly when Mesh-ops are edited.

ID 567869 - This scene crashes when I use Fur Density map and try to render it in Octane.

ID 567896 - Hang when deleting a material from the Shader Tree in this scene.

ID 568176 - Undo creates ghosting in AVP when using the Simplified Modeling viewport preset when using polygon extrude.

ID 568409 - Hang when instancing with this scene.

ID 568526 - When disabling and enabling GL Display on a material, textures only update after camera movement.

ID 569214 - Baking crashes when Final Color Output and Alpha are disabled.

ID 569319 - Unwrap tool works incorrectly if all edges of mesh are selected.

ID 569437 - Weight maps created with Mesh-ops don't work with Fur.

ID 569560 - Cloud Assets do not load in the Preset Browser in Modo 17.

Workaround: Go to Help > Foundry Asset Portal... to search and download the same assets.

ID 569634 - Clicking on a MeshFusion object can cause a crash.

ID 569906 - [SDK] IntersectRay() function broken in View Object contexts (hang).

ID 572049 - Drop actions are broken in wireframe mode if Make Inactive Same as Active is turned on.

Workaround: Turn off Inactive as Active or use Default view mode

ID 572059 - Paint selection doesn't work in wireframe mode if Make Inactive Same as Active is turned on.

Workaround: Turn off Make Inactive Same as Active or use Default view mode

ID 572262 - Hang with Poly Haul using Split mode.

ID 573418 - With a heavy scene loaded containing Mesh Fusion strips, creating a new scene may copy some MF strip locators into the new scene.

Workaround: Pause evaluation in the Mesh Operations viewport, prior to creating the new scene.