Form System

The ‘’’Form System’’’ provides a properties sheet style user interfaces through the use of forms populated with Command System.

Displaying Forms

Forms are displayed in Form View viewports. These viewports exist in layouts, and are common in ‘’modo’’.

Forms can also be used to create Forms: Context Menus.

Editing Forms

Forms can be edited in two ways:

  • Through the Form Editor, a tree-based interface for defining and grouping forms and their associated commands.

  • Through hand-editing of config files, for more advanced users.

  • Form Categories and Groups provide a straight-forward mechanism to add a form to the beginning or end of another form without modifying the parent, and a way to organize forms within the Form Editor.

  • Form Developer Commands]] to simply exporting specific forms into your own config files and to aid in [[Message Tables generation.

  • Form Filtering

  • User Interface

  • Command System

  • RandomSel Script]] provides basic information on creating a simple form to provide an interface for a script through [[User Values