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The ModifyMetaData node enables you to add, edit, or remove the metadata associated with a file.

Inputs and Controls

Connection Type

Connection Name




The node whose metadata you want to modify.

Control (UI)

Knob (Scripting)

Default Value


ModifyMetaData Tab

metadata viewer



1.   First add, remove, and reorder metadata placemarkers using the +/- and up/down arrow buttons.
2.   Double-click the key field in the placemarker to select the metadata you want to edit or remove. The Pick metadata key dialog opens. If you want to add metadata, simply enter a new key name in the field at the bottom of this dialog.
3.   Double-click the action field in the placemarker to toggle the operation between set and remove.
4.   If you want to add or edit metadata, double-click the value field in the placemarker and enter a new value for the selected key.

Step-by-Step Guides

Modifying Metadata