Meet the Nuke Product Family

These pages introduce the different products and modes of Nuke and provide links to some key concepts you should know before using Nuke products.

Nuke Products

The Nuke products have different purposes and different levels of functionality.

Nuke Studio is a product that combines the functionality of all the Nuke products listed below, which are then used as different modes in which to run Nuke Studio. It also includes its own specific functions that are only applicable to Nuke Studio.

All the Nuke products listed below can also be licensed as separate products, except for Nuke Assist, which is included with NukeX and Nuke Studio.

The Nuke Products include the following:

Nuke - Foundry’s award-winning compositing tool. Nuke provides a stable foundation from which to deliver shot-based VFX work.

NukeX - includes all of Nuke’s features with the addition of a range of specialized plug-in tools to eliminate the need to perform certain tasks in third-party software packages. To run it, you need both a Nuke and a NukeX license, or a Nuke license.

See About NukeX and the Advanced Compositing with NukeX and Nuke Studio section for more information.

Nuke Studio- the most powerful application in the Nuke product family, it includes all the functionality of Nuke and NukeX with the addition of timeline and conform workflows.

Nuke Assist - a feature of NukeX intended for use as a workstation for artists performing painting, rotoscoping, and tracking. Two complementary licenses of Nuke Assist are included in every NukeX maintenance package. Nuke Assist only supports a limited subset of Nuke tools.

See About Nuke Assist for a run down of the functionality provided by Nuke Assist.

Nuke Non-commercial - a special version of the commercial Nuke application that you can run without a license, intended for use as an educational tool.

See About Nuke Non-commercial for a run down of the restrictions placed on using the non-commercial version.