Renaming Channels

In the course of building your script, you may find it necessary to replace certain channels in a layer.

1.   Open the properties panel for a node which has the channel selected on the channels, input, or output dropdown menu.
2.   Click on the dropdown menu where the channel is displayed and select rename.

The Rename Channel dialog appears.

3.   Enter a new name for the channel and click OK.

Reserved Channels

Nuke reserves certain channel names for internal use to ensure the smooth running of scripts under the hood. If you create a custom channel with a reserved channel name, the custom name is renamed automatically to preserve this functionality. For example, if you create a custom channel called mask.a, the channel is renamed mask_extra.

The reserved channels are:,,, rgba.alpha


forward.u, forward.v

backward.u, backward.v

deep.front, deep.back

disparityL.x, disparityL.y, disparityR.x, disparityR.y