Where Are the Bezier and Paint Nodes?

The pre-6.0 Bezier and Paint nodes have been deprecated in favor of the RotoPaint node. With RotoPaint you have the ability to add more strokes and shapes, group them, and so on. However, Bezier and Paint are still in the application for backwards-compatibility with old scripts. Should you find the need (or just feel nostalgic), you can create the Paint and Bezier nodes in a couple of easy ways:

Press X on the Node Graph, make sure Tcl is checked in the dialog that opens, enter Paint or Bezier in the Command field, and click OK. Your node appears in the Node Graph.

You can add a Paint or a Bezier node to your Toolbar menu with a statement in your menu.py file like the following:

For Bezier:

tb = nuke.toolbar("Nodes")

tb.addCommand("Draw/Bezier", "nuke.createNode(\"Bezier\")", icon="Bezier.png")

For Paint:

tb = nuke.toolbar("Nodes")

tb.addCommand("Draw/Paint", "nuke.createNode(\"Paint\")", icon="Paint.png")