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Installing on Windows

The installation bundle installs the entire Nuke family, including Hiero and HieroPlayer, and icons for the various components appear in your installation folder.

To install the Nuke on Windows, see either:

Installing with the User Interface (UI), or

Installing on Windows.

Installing with the User Interface (UI)

1.   Download the correct .zip file from our website at
2.   Unzip the installer from the .zip file and double-click on the .exe file to install Nuke.
3.   Follow the on-screen instructions. By default, Nuke is installed to drive letter:\Program Files\Nuke11.3v4.
4.   The Nuke plug-ins page on our website opens, giving you easy access to a large selection of plug-ins to use with Nuke.
5.   Proceed to Licensing on Windows.

Note:  On Windows, if you install Nuke to a network drive to run from multiple computers, please ensure that the correct Microsoft run time libraries are installed on each machine that runs Nuke. To do this, run vcredist_x64.exe on each machine. The appropriate one of these files can be found in the VCRedist subdirectory in the folder where Nuke is installed.

Running Nuke without installing the libraries on your machine may work correctly, particularly as many systems (such as Windows Vista by default) already have them. If the libraries are not present, Nuke can still run correctly, but some plug-ins may fail to load with error messages such as “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

Please note that these libraries are set up automatically on the machine that runs the Nuke installer, so users installing on their local machine do not need to worry about this issue.

Installing from the Command Line

To install the Nuke bundle from the command line, do the following:

1.   Download the correct .exe installation file from our website at
2.   To open a command prompt window, select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
3.   Use the cd (change directory) command to move to the directory where you saved the installation file. For example, if you saved the installation file in C:\Temp, use the following command and press Return:

cd \Temp

4.   To install Nuke, do one of the following:

To install Nuke to the current directory and display the installation dialog, type the name of the install file without the file extension and press Return:


To install Nuke to a specified directory and display the installation dialog, use the /dir install option:

Nuke11.3v4-win-x86-release-64 /dir=“C:\Nuke

To install Nuke silently so that the installer does not prompt you for anything but displays a progress bar, enter /silent after the installation command:

Nuke11.3v4-win-x86-release-64 /silent

To install Nuke silently so that nothing is displayed, enter /verysilent after the installation command:

Nuke11.3v4-win-x86-release-64 /verysilent

Tip:  You can add /MERGETASKS="!desktopicon" to the /verysilent flag to avoid creating Desktop icons for all the flavors of Nuke.

You can also use a combination of install options:

Nuke11.3v4-win-x86-release-64 /silent /dir=“C:\Nuke

Note:  By using the silent or verysilent install options, you agree to the terms of the Nuke End User Licensing Agreement. To see this agreement, please refer to Foundry's End User License Agreement or run the installer in standard, non-silent mode.