About Nuke Non-commercial

Nuke Non-commercial is a free version of Nuke that runs outside the regular licensing model. Nuke Non-commercial is meant for personal, educational, and other non-commercial use. It is aimed at students, industry professionals, and others interested in Nuke. It includes most of the features of the commercial version of Nuke, offering you a chance to explore and learn the application fully while using it from the comfort of your own home.

Note:  Non-commercial mode can only be used for 180 days after a version of Nuke is built and released. For example, if Nuke 13.2v1 was built on March 25th, but released on March 31st, non-commercial mode is active until September 21st. You can find the build date for versions of Nuke in the splash screen, available from the Help > About Nuke menu.

You can run Nuke, NukeX, and Nuke Studio in non-commercial mode using the --nc command line argument. For example, to launch Nuke Studio in non-commercial mode on Mac, enter:

/Applications/Nuke14.0v4/Nuke14.0v4.app/Contents/MacOS/Nuke14.0 --nc --studio

Nuke Non-commercial is a fully functional version of Nuke, but as it's designed for non-commercial use only, it does differ from the commercial version in some aspects. Here are the main differences:

Certain nodes are disabled in Nuke Non-commercial, including GenerateLUT, Primatte, Ultimatte, and WriteGeo.

Rendered output is restricted to 1920x1080 HD and the MPEG4 and H.264 formats are disabled.

The Python API only allows the retrieval of 10 nodes per script.

Command line renders are restricted to encrypted .nknc scripts.

Frame Server worker rendering is disabled.

Exporting EDL/OTIO/XML sequences is disabled.

Exporting LUTs from MatchGrade is disabled.

Gizmos, clipboard contents, .hrox project files, .nk, and CopyCat .cat files scripts are all encrypted.

Monitor Output is disabled.

In other respects, Nuke Non-commercial contains all the functionality of the commercial version of Nuke.