Add 3:2 pulldown

Adds 3:2 pulldown to the input footage.

3:2 pulldown is a process of converting 24 frames per second (fps) film to 29.97 fps interlaced video. In this process, the film is first slowed down 0.1% to match the speed difference between 29.97 fps and 30 fps. Then, film frames are distributed across video fields in a repeating 3:2 pattern in order to make 24 film frames fill the space of 30 video frames per second:

The first frame of film is copied to 3 fields of video,

the second frame of film is copied to 2 fields of video,

the third frame of film is again copied to 3 fields,

the fourth frame of film is copied to 2 fields, and so on.

If you’re using footage that was originally film but was converted to video, you may have used the Remove 3:2 pulldown node when importing the footage to Nuke. In this case, the Add 3:2 pulldown node allows you to reintroduce 3:2 pulldown before rendering the footage back to video.

See also Remove 3:2 pulldown.

Inputs and Controls

Connection Type

Connection Name




The image sequence to add 3:2 pulldown to.

Control (UI)

Knob (Scripting)

Default Value


User Tab




The 3:2 pulldown process results in:

three whole frames that contain two fields from the same film frame, and

two split-field frames that contain fields from two different film frames. The two split-field frames are always adjacent to each other.

This control lets you shift the point at which the two split-field frames occur within the first five frames of the footage, relative to your first input frame.