Release Notes for Nuke and Hiero 13.1v3

Release Date

10 March 2022

Warning:  As a result of COVID-19 here in the UK, much of the Nuke team is still working from home. Currently, Foundry cannot guarantee that our usual high standards of QA have been applied to Nuke's monitor output functionality, including VR headset support, in this release.

Qualified Operating Systems

macOS Catalina (10.15.x) or macOS Big Sur (11.x)

Windows 10 (64-bit)

CentOS 7.4 (64-bit), or later

Note:  The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with CentOS 7.4, or later. Nuke is qualified on the Centos 7.4, 7.5, and 7.6 distributions.

Other operating systems may work, but have not been fully tested.

Requirements for Nuke's GPU Acceleration

If you want to enable Nuke to calculate certain nodes using the GPU, there are some additional requirements.


An NVIDIA GPU with compute capability 3.0 (Kepler) or above. A list of the compute capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is available at

Note:  The compute capability is a property of the GPU hardware and can't be altered by a software update.

With graphics drivers capable of running CUDA 10.1 or above. On Windows and Linux, CUDA graphics drivers are bundled with the regular drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. Driver versions 418.96 (Windows) and 418.39 (Linux), or above are required. See for more information.

Note:  We recommend using the latest graphics drivers, where possible, regardless of operating system.


Note:  Bit-wise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

On Windows and Linux, an AMD GPU from the following list:

Note:  Other AMD GPUs may work, but have not been fully tested.

AMD Radeon PRO W6600

AMD Radeon PRO W6800

AMD Radeon Pro W5700

AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

Note:  For information on the recommended driver for each GPU, see

On Mac, integrated AMD GPUs are supported on the following Intel CPU Macs:

Any late 2013 Mac Pro onward (including 2019 Mac Pro),

Mid-2015 MacBook Pros onward, and

Late 2017 iMac Pros onward.

All supported Mac Pros include a multi-GPU support option, where applicable. Bitwise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations, there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

Warning:  Although AMD GPUs are enabled on other Mac models, they are not officially supported and used at your own risk.

Multi-GPU Processing

Nuke's GPU support includes an Enable multi-GPU support option. When enabled in the preferences, GPU processing is shared between the available GPUs for extra processing speed.

Note:  Multi-GPU processing is only available for identical GPUs in the same machine. For example, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080s or two AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100s.

New Features

There are no new features in this release.

Feature Enhancements

There are no new feature enhancements in this release.

Bug Fixes

• ID 170312 - Timeline Editing: Right-clicking in the timeline and adding a tag caused the disable and delete shot hotkeys (D and Delete) to stop working.

• ID 429243 - Preferences: The path substitutions table did not extend as expected to accommodate multiple rows.

• ID 429245 - Preferences: Using / (slashes) or spaces in path substitutions in the Preferences padded table rows incorrectly, making the UI unusable.

• ID 448524 - macOS only: The resolution restriction informational message for Nuke Indie contained incorrect text.

• ID 453338 - Installer: The Privacy notice link in the EULA page did not work as expected.

• ID 471373 - macOS Nuke Indie only: C_STMap was incorrectly recognized as a custom plug-in and could not be loaded.

• ID 472651 - Using a picker sample region in the Viewer with a Deep node upstream caused the UI to respond more slowly.

• ID 484567 - Preferences: Adding a new entry to the path substitutions table occasionally added two rows.

• ID 486534 - Read/Write: Reading certain .exr files caused Nuke Studio to crash.

• ID 487796 - Windows only: Nuke Indie project files (.hroxind) included an incorrect registry value.

• ID 488817 - Hydra: The Project3D node's project on control always projected on both faces regardless of the option chosen.

• ID 493427 - Cryptomatte: Selections were not displayed as expected when square brackets were used in the matte name.

• ID 495347 - Read/Write: Animated Transform nodes upstream of VectorDistort nodes caused the first frame to render incorrectly from the command line and in interactive sessions with the Fame Server.

• ID 496376 - User names with non-ASCII characters on operating systems with non-Unicode based languages stopped Nuke launching as expected.

• ID 496618 - Timeline Editing: Deleting video tracks from the timeline directly after saving a project caused Nuke Studio to crash.

• ID 497659 - Preferences: Adding path substitutions made some projects slow to load.

• ID 497855 - Transitions: The additional frames used by transitions were not affected by effects associated with the shot.

• ID 498372 - macOS only: The depth buffer occasionally caused problems with the 3D grid, overlays, and selections.

• ID 498749 - Alembic: Enabling read from file in a Camera node referencing an .abc file caused performance degradation.

• ID 498949 - R3D: Decoding certain .r3d files was slow on the timeline.

• ID 499094 - AIR Tools: The padding method used by the AIR tools caused artifacts in the output in certain situations.

• ID 499818 - CatFileCreator: The node icon in the toolbar was incorrect.

• ID 499914 - Metadata: Importing an .aaf, .edl, or .xml file and then opening the Metadata panel caused Nuke Studio to crash.

• ID 500095 - AIR Tools: The CUDA_CACHE_MAXSIZE terminal information listed the default CUDA_CACHE_PATH incorrectly.

• ID 503073 - macOS only: The custom plug-ins warning message mentioned individual NukeIndie mode incorrectly.

New Known Issues Specific to Nuke 13.1

This section covers new known issues and gives workarounds for them, where appropriate.

• ID 500964 - Upscale: The Tile Size control must be set to a multiple of 16 for the upscale to work as expected.

• ID 500698 - MergeGeo: Connecting MergeGeo nodes downstream of TransformGeo nodes causes Nuke to crash.

• ID 498614 - 3D Transform Handles: TransformGeo nodes downstream of ParticleEmitter nodes do not work as expected.

• ID 498115 - Viewing a shot in the RAW colorspace does not register changes to the Viewer gamma and gain controls as expected.

• ID 496055 - EditGeo: Translating geometry upstream of an EditGeo node causes Nuke to crash.

• ID 495298 - OCIOv2: Setting the OCIO_ACTIVE_DISPLAYS environment variable in Nuke Studio displays an error message.
As a workaround, set the OCIO environment variable to a valid config to suppress the error.

• ID 495297 - OCIOv2: Setting an invalid OCIO_ACTIVE_DISPLAYS environment variable and then selecting the aces_1.1 OCIO config causes some LUT settings to error or display blank.

• ID 495294 - OCIOv2: Setting an invalid OCIO_ACTIVE_DISPLAYS environment variable in Nuke displays an error on the command line.

• ID 495149 - Viewer: Enabling use GPU for Viewer when possible in the Viewer Properties panel with dithering algorithm set to low frequency causes the Viewer to display no image.
As a workaround with OCIO color management, you can check Enable OCIO GPU path for the GPU Viewer in the Project Settings.

Note:  The workaround does not apply to projects running under Nuke color management.

• ID 493899 - 3D Transform Handles: Scale handles do not adjust uniformly when dragging scale planes in World transform space.

• ID 493689 - 3D Transform Handles: Drag scale does not work as expected in the Screen transform space.

• ID 492660 - Metadata: The ordering of multiple ModifyMetaData soft effects is reversed in the Metadata view.

• ID 492019 - Python: CatFileCreator custom knobs cannot be changed Pythonically unless the node Properties are open.

• ID 491076 - 3D Transform Handles: The effect of dragging a scale transform handle is influenced incorrectly by geometry transforms downstream.

• ID 488896 - CatFileCreator: Executing CatFileCreator nodes from the command line with the -ti arguments does not work as expected.

• ID 488767 - UnrealReader: Temporal samples are not taken into account when passing Nuke camera data into UnrealReader.

• ID 488557 - Hydra Viewer: MergeMat does not work as expected with projections.
As a workaround, use Nuke's standard Viewer to view your scene.

• ID 488480 - Hydra Viewer: The alpha channel does not affect material transparency as expected.

• ID 488473 - Hydra Viewer: Meshes do not display textures correctly through ScanlineRender nodes during Viewer caching.

• ID 487606 - OCIOv2: Playback does not display as expected with a LUT soft effect applied that references a .csp file.

• ID 487522 - BM RAW: Video Assist files in the Project bin do not currently display thumbnails.

• ID 487001 - Hydra Viewer: BasicMaterial nodes do not show material diffuse clearly with the default settings.

• ID 486522 - 3D Transform Handles: The back of rotation handles are currently selectable in the 2D Viewer.

• ID 485591 - 3D Transform Handles: Z translate does not work as expected in Screen space mode.

• ID 485347 - Multi-Project Edit: Dragging and dropping clips from multiple projects into an empty timeline does not work as expected.

• ID 485038 - Project Bin: Selecting the root project shifts the focus incorrectly in the Project panel.

• ID 485037 - Multi-Project Edit: Pasting a sequence into a bin does not paste any referenced clips/bins in to the same bin.

• ID 485033 - Multi-Project Edit: Pasting a sequence into a bin expands all contents by default.

• ID 484399 - 3D Viewer: Changing the display type for one 3D object incorrectly affects other objects.

• ID 484159 - 3D Transform Handles: The uniform scale control's drag behavior is dependent on the camera angle.

• ID 484094 - 3D Transform Handles: Dragging a uniform scale handle outside the Viewer does not work as expected.

• ID 483956 - Monitor Out: The mouse pointer position is inaccurate if the aspect ratios for Viewer and physical monitor don't match.

• ID 483819 - 3D Transform Handles: Transform handles appear deformed when viewed through ScanlineRender and zoomed out in 2D Viewer.

• ID 483447 - Hydra Viewer: Certain animated .usd assets are not displayed correctly in some timeline frames.

• ID 482780 - 3D Transform Handles: Setting the transform order to RTS with small scale values causes the handles to behave unexpectedly.

• ID 482659 - 3D Transform Handles: The scale handles do not work as expected in perspective.

• ID 481818 - 3D Transform Handles: The translate handles do not work as expected in perspective.

• ID 479708 - 3D Transform Handles: 3D Handles are scaled to non-default values by TransformGeo.

• ID 476685 - Soft Effects: OCIODisplay knob values are not preserved when pasted to the Node Graph.

• ID 475494 - Cryptomatte: Using Picker Add/Remove on Tcl expressions incorrectly replaces them with the underlying value.

• ID 471780 - OCIODisplay: Certain error messages include a typo.

• ID 470037 - Python: Cryptomatte selection behavior is inconsistent.

• ID 459009 - OCIOv2: Nuke's Viewer colorspaces incorrectly include (default) in the name.