Release Notes for Nuke and Hiero 14.0v4

Release Date

13 April 2023

Qualified Operating Systems

macOS Big Sur (11.x) or macOS Monterey (12.x). Nuke is currently supported under Rosetta emulation on Apple's new Apple Silicon hardware and M1 chips. Native support is not currently available and Foundry is planning to support the Nuke family natively on Apple's M1 and M2 hardware at a later date.

Article:  For more information on Foundry products and supported macOS versions, see Foundry Knowledge Base article Q100592.

Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows 11 (64-bit)

CentOS 7.6 (64-bit), or later

Note:  The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with CentOS 7.6, or later.

Other operating systems may work, but have not been fully tested.

Requirements for Nuke's GPU Acceleration

If you want to enable Nuke to calculate certain nodes using the GPU, there are some additional requirements.


An NVIDIA GPU with compute capability 3.5 (Kepler), or above. A list of the compute capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is available at

Note:  The compute capability is a property of the GPU hardware and can't be altered by a software update.

With graphics drivers capable of running CUDA 11.1, or above. On Windows and Linux, CUDA graphics drivers are bundled with the regular drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. Driver versions 456.81 (Windows) and 455.32 (Linux), or above are required. See for more information on compatible drivers.

Note:  We recommend using the latest graphics drivers, where possible, regardless of operating system.


Note:  Bit-wise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

On Windows and Linux, an AMD GPU from the following list:

Note:  Other AMD GPUs may work, but have not been fully tested.

AMD Radeon PRO W6600

AMD Radeon PRO W6800

AMD Radeon Pro W5700

AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

Note:  For information on the recommended driver for each GPU, see

On Mac, integrated AMD GPUs are supported on the following Intel CPU Macs:

Any late 2013 Mac Pro onward (including 2019 Mac Pro),

Mid-2015 MacBook Pros onward, and

Late 2017 iMac Pros onward.

All supported Mac Pros include a multi-GPU support option, where applicable. Bitwise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations, there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

Warning:  Although AMD GPUs are enabled on other Mac models, they are not officially supported and used at your own risk.

Multi-GPU Processing

Nuke's GPU support includes an Enable multi-GPU support option. When enabled in the preferences, GPU processing is shared between the available GPUs for extra processing speed.

Note:  Multi-GPU processing is only available for identical GPUs in the same machine. For example, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080s or two AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100s.

New Features

There are no new features in this maintenance release.

Feature Enhancements

There are no new features in this maintenance release.

Bug Fixes

• ID 479601 - Project Bin: Moving items from one bin to another was occasionally sluggish.

• ID 507841 - Cryptomatte: Stored matte IDs created with a sidecar file did not work as expected if the sidecar was removed.

• ID 508752 - LensDistortion: Setting the Analysis tab detectionFrameType knob to Every N Frames and then clicking Detect displayed an error.

• ID 508773 - 3D Viewer: Enabling cast shadows in a Light node's Properties in a scene containing an Environment light and material caused Nuke to crash.

• ID 511559 - BlinkScript: Fetching a sample value using [#] (square brackets) caused compilation to fail on the GPU.

• ID 534623 - Read/Write: Nuke Studio and Hiero did not always interpret the FPS of ARRI RAW Alexa 35 footage correctly.

• ID 534629 - 3D Arch: Connected nodes with axis inputs did not pass world matrix information to expression linked knobs as expected.

• ID 534720 - Read/Write: ARRI RAW Alexa 35 timecode metadata was off by -1 frame when read in Nuke Studio.

• ID 535143 - Read/Write: The ARRI RAW Alexa 35 timecode for non 24 fps shots was incorrect.

• ID 535439 - 3D Arch: The CameraTracker node incorrectly created legacy 3D system Axis nodes from solved points geometry creation.

• ID 535613 - The mask input was missing from the EdgeExtend and Inpaint nodes.

• ID 536145 - Python: Nuke's Python install incorrectly overrode its own Shiboken Reloader class.

• ID 536234 - UI: All right-click context menu shortcuts were missing.

• ID 536641/536642 - OCIO: Config files stored in ~/.nuke/OCIOConfigs/configs were disconnected and could not be found when Nuke or Nuke Studio/Hiero relaunched.

New Known Issues Specific to Nuke 14.0

This section covers new known issues and gives workarounds for them, where appropriate.

• ID 538340 - CopyCat: Running Nuke on machines without CUDA installed stops CopyCat working as expected.

• ID 535819 - Read/Write: Breaking out layers from .psd files does not work as expected if the file contains non-ASCII characters.

• ID 532211 - Windows only: QEventDispatcher messages are displayed in the command prompt, but they can be ignored.

• ID 532078 - Bokeh: Attaching an image to the Kernel input does not work as expected in Viewer downrez and proxy modes.

• ID 532049 - Windows only: The .msi installer doesn't register Nuke as the default app for .nk files.

• ID 526530 - CatFileCreator: Converted .cat files from Nuke 14 cannot be used in earlier versions of Nuke.
As a workaround, convert the .cat file in the version of Nuke you intend to use, such as Nuke 13.2v5.

• ID 526041 - 3D Arch: Payload overrides in the Scene Graph do not work as expected for nested payloads.

• ID 525872 - 3D Arch: The GeoDrawMode node's Draw Color can not be animated as expected.

• ID 525863 - 3D Arch: DirectLight has much brighter intensity when rendered through ScanlineRender than in the 3D Viewer.

• ID 525819 - 3D Arch: Display Color animation in Nuke geometry nodes, such as GeoCube, is not displayed as expected when rendered through ScanlineRender.

• ID 525817 - 3D Arch: Display Opacity changes in Nuke geometry nodes, such as GeoCube, are not displayed as expected when rendered through ScanlineRender.

• ID 525816 - 3D Arch: Display Opacity changes are not displayed as expected when blended against the background.

• ID 525714 - 3D Arch: Selections in the 3D Viewer are added to selections from the Scene Graph tab when scene graph locations are dropped in a node's Mask control.

• ID 525575 - CameraTracker: CameraTrackerPointCloud nodes incorrectly display point data in the 2D output from ScanlineRender.

• ID 524963 - 3D Arch: The Scene Graph background pattern changes when scrolling through objects in the list.

• ID 524835 - OCIONamedTransform: The Viewer error when no transform is selected contains a [ (square bracket).

• ID 524626 - 3D Arch: Hit detection in the 3D Viewer is slower than in previous versions of Nuke, which causes delayed response times.

• ID 524412 - CopyCat: The training loss graph does not auto-scale as expected on the X-axis.

• ID 524274 - Read/Write: Color transforms are not applied correctly to ARRI Alexa 35 footage after changing the arri_colorspace knob.

• ID 522999 - 3D Arch: CameraTrackerPointCloud displays as a red node, rather than green to indicate that it is a legacy 3D system node.

• ID 521937 - 3D Arch: Changing the active state of materials in the scene graph disables the material for the current Viewer node.
As a workaround, create a new Viewer node and connect it to the scene.

• ID 521907 - 3D Arch: Points in point clouds generated from CameraTracker data default to a size too large for the Viewer.

• ID 521508 - 3D Arch: The bounding box does not always follow its geometry downstream of a GeoMerge node.

• ID 521133 - 3D Arch: Rotating geometry using the transform handles in the Viewer does not follow pointer movement as expected.

• ID 520821 - 3D Arch: The CameraTracker point cloud Point Size control does not scale as expected at large size values.

• ID 520716 - 3D Arch: The GeoImport > Display Materials checkbox does not always toggle materials on and off.

• ID 520622 - 3D Arch: The Draw Mode applied by GeoDrawMode nodes is not set consistently.

• ID 520296 - 3D Arch: Creating a GeoSphere or GeoCylinder node in the Node Graph labels the tab in the Properties panel incorrectly.

• ID 520282/519482 - UI: Moving the Licensing dialog around causes the window to jitter.

• ID 519987 - 3D Arch: Creating nodes Pythonically does not always create the expected node connections.

• ID 519482 - 3D Arch: Projecting onto a GeoCylinder does not match the results from the legacy system Cylinder node in the Hydra Viewer.

• ID 519068 - Windows Installer: Specifying a different install directory does not automatically create a Nuke container directory for the necessary Nuke files.
As a workaround, manually specify a container directory during install.

• ID 518874 - 3D Arch: Double-clicking prims in the Viewer does not open the associated Properties panel as expected.

• ID 518795 - 3D Arch: GeoCard always writes the control_point knob value in the Nuke script, even if it's set to the default value.

• ID 518654 - 3D Arch: Node names are occasionally drawn incorrectly at different Node Graph zoom levels.

• ID 518593 - 3D Arch: Setting the Mask to a prim that is not the node above a GeoDrawMode ignores the selected Draw Mode.

• ID 518581 - UnrealReader: The CompareMetaData node reads incorrect frame metadata from UnrealReader Write section rendered EXRs.

• ID 517980 - Windows Installer: The installer screen occasionally displays twice during installation.

• ID 516166 - 3D Arch: Pressing Enter to cycle through searched items in the Scene Graph allows items to be cycled through even if a contributing node is removed upstream.

• ID 516052 - 3D Arch: Projected textures in some customer scripts are placed incorrectly by ScanlineRender2.

• ID 515379 - 3D Arch: The GeoSphere default Height value is incorrect.

• ID 515370 - 3D Arch: Clicking Invert Selection in the GeoPrune properties does not update mask selections correctly in the Viewer.

• ID 515355 - 3D Arch: Scaling in World space after rotation skews the transform and scale handles incorrectly.

• ID 515353 - 3D Arch: Scaling in World space after rotation causes the rotation handles to wobble.

• ID 514854 - 3D Arch: Scale handles in World space don't work as expected if the pivot point of geometry is rotated.

• ID 514693 - 3D Arch: Handle rotations at large scale can become inconsistent and unstable.

• ID 514669 - 3D Arch: The Z-axis handle is not working in the Viewer Screen space.

• ID 513943 - 3D Arch: The Localization controls are missing from GeoImport's node Properties.

• ID 513286 - 3D Arch: Vertex selection occasionally discards selected points.

• ID 513142 - 3D Arch: Vertex grouping does not grouping all selected vertices in PointCloudGenerator point clouds.

• ID 511940 - 3D Arch: Prims with no Kind assigned are ignored by the GeoDrawMode node.

• ID 511765 - 3D Transform Handles: Scaling a camera on a single axis does not always work as expected.

• ID 511107 - 3D Arch: Exclusion does not work as expected in the GeoCollection node.

• ID 510783 - 3D Arch: Small u_extent and v_extent values in GeoSphere/GeoRevolve(Sphere) cause textures to disappear in the Viewer.

• ID 506930 - CopyCat: Disconnecting and reconnecting the Preview input occasionally causes the contact sheet to behave inconsistently.

• ID 505862 - 3D Pivot Point: Rotation stabilization doesn't work as expected in XYZ and ZYX rotation order mode.

Developer Notes

As Nuke develops, we sometimes have to make changes to the API and ABI under the hood. We try to keep these changes to a minimum and only for certain releases, but from time to time API and ABI compatibility is not guaranteed. See the following table for the situations when you may have to recompile your plug-ins and/or make changes to the source code.

Release Type






13.2v1 to 13.2v2





13.1v1 to 13.2v1




13.0v1 to 14.0v1


Additionally, node Class() names occasionally change between major releases. While these changes do not affect legacy scripts, you may not get the results you were expecting if a node class has been modified. The file, used to create Nuke's node toolbar, contains all the current node class names and is located in <install_directory>/plugins/nukescripts/ for reference.

As an example, between Nuke 13 and Nuke 14, the Axis node Class() changed from Axis3 to Axis4. In the file for the two releases, the entries for the Axis node appear as follows:

m3Dclassic.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis3\")", icon="Axis.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Classic, node="Axis3", tagTarget=MenuItemTagTargetFlag.TabMenu)

m3D.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis4\")", icon="Axis_3D.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Beta, node="Axis4")