Release Notes for Nuke and Hiero 14.1v2

Release Date

16 November 2023

New Features

There are no new features in this release.

Feature Enhancements

• ID 552652 - Add the ability to manually define the NDI stream name used by Nuke/Studio/Hiero.

• ID 554786 - [Saturation Slider] Nuke Env Variable to disable Saturation Slider.

• ID 556915 - [OpenAssetIO] Update OpenAssetIO version to v1.0.0-beta.1.0.

Bug Fixes

• ID 159696 - [PUBLIC] Workspaces in a custom location aren't available to Nuke unless HIERO_PLUGIN_PATH is set

• ID 215838 - [PUBLIC] Soft effects become disabled when a clip in the timeline is retimed or altered

• ID 308171 - [PUBLIC] Change Hiero's "save as" dialogue box to default to .hrox instead of .nk when Hiero cannot locate a license

• ID 490646 - [PUBLIC] Nuke crashes when opening .nk scripts that have the OCIO Config set to "custom" but the OCIO config path is empty

• ID 495149 - [PUBLIC] The Viewer turns black when using the low frequency GPU dithering algorithm

• ID 498115 - [PUBLIC] Viewer controls are not applied when making changes while viewing a clip with RAW data colorspace

• ID 510314 - [Studio] Memory usage increase when importing lots of Pro Res movs

• ID 538725 - [3D Arch] File path knob unfunctional in Light nodes

• ID 542908 - [Version Linking] Unlinked icon persists on bin item, when linking all track item versions to bin item

• ID 546741 [PUBLIC] ARRI Alexa 35 video_rendering_version metadata is spelled "video_rendeing_version" in Nuke

• ID 548101 [ARRI ProRes] ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.0 ProRes .mxf files do not load in 14.1/15.0

• ID 549340 [TL Review] Auto select disappears when track dimensions are changed

• ID 549799 Load all payloads button looks "blurry"

• ID 551086 [Disk cache] Dissolves not handled correctly

• ID 551996 Deleting a custom tag while it is in the Spreadsheet filter field crashes Nuke

• ID 552652 Add the ability to manually define the NDI stream name used by Nuke/Studio/Hiero

• ID 552856 [PUBLIC] A one pixel border is visible when using the ScannedGrain node with a grain format smaller than the project format size in Nuke

• ID 553643 [3D Arch] Focus while in Component mode in specific asset causes grey screen

• ID 554390 Timeline export mov pixel format setting has no effect

• ID 554564 OCIO NDK examples will not build due to missing getAliasesFromTransform

• ID 554582 [CopyCat] OOM message doesn't appear with MultiRes enabled

• ID 554584 Cara Redwoods Script Crash (Windows)

• ID 555348 [r3d] Empty Color Space (Look) knob after opening legacy .nk script with r3d file

• ID 555385 [MO] [VR] VR Oculus Rift not outputting to headset in the node graph

• ID 555473 [Node graph] [Text effect] when typing text information in the text node, hitting the space bar will max/minimise the workspace panel like the hotkey

• ID 555510 [Scene Graph] Return key conflict between search and dialog in browser

• ID 555532 [3D Arch] ScanlineRender1 and 2 not recognising the TimeOffset and FrameRange as a node when connected after Camera node and causes Nuke to hang

• ID 555542 [Inference] Toggling UseGPUIfAvalible doesn't work

• ID 555568 [LensDistortion] Lens Distortion preview not working with half-floats

• ID 555570 Blink Particles examples not working: AttractToSphere ParticleFlock ParticleHelixFlow

• ID 556389 [NDI] A fresh Nuke project does not change the stream name from 'Untitled' to the Project name when saved

• ID 556657 [PUBLIC] MXF files are Read in Full Range regardless of the Data Range knob

• ID 556745 [PUBLIC] Certain Arri Alexa 35 .mxf ProRes no longer open erroring saying: out of frame range

• ID 557058 [PUBLIC] Python headers are not shipped with Nuke

New Known Issues Specific to Nuke 14.1

This section covers new known issues and gives workarounds for them, where appropriate.

• ID 554481 [3D Arch] Scenegraph allows changing visibility for prims which aren't Imageable

• ID 553640 Specific MXF (op-1a 4:4:4 12bit) files fails to read in resolve

• ID 552050 [Scene Graph] Hotkeys doesn't work when hovering mouse over the Scene Graph panel

• ID 552048 [Scene Graph] Hotkeys not working on last selected item when multiple items are selected

• ID 551945 C_CameraSolver - Undo command not removing all Camera Ingest nodes

• ID 551835 [TH] FilterTests - Bounding box size is zero or negative - Mac only

• ID 551042 [CopyCat] Creating additional viewers whilst training cause a 'Missing end_group command(s)' error

• ID 549796 The override "dot" on the Active icons disable state is a lower resolution on high DPI screens

• ID 549682 [Dist Training] Gap between collapsed groups in progress tab

• ID 549579 [CopyCat] Progress bar slow to appear after execution

• ID 548315 [MO SDI] Timeline - 12 bit 4:4:4 on BMD shows incorrect output when there is an aspect ratio mismatch between the Output Resolution and the Display Mode (Studio)

• ID 546692 [OpenAssetIO] Nuke displays balReader not found with correct OpenAssetIO setup

• ID 545900 [PUBLIC] An Open VR error occurs when launching Nuke

• ID 541082 [snap-menu][3D Arch] snap-menu will not work if vertex is single click selected

• ID 537047 [Scene graph pop-up] dialogue scale above a certain size will not be saved

• ID 537033 OCIODisplay's display and view knobs not updated after changing OCIO config in Nuke

• ID 532048 [3d Arch] DirectLight not illuminating scene objects in 3D Hydra

Qualified Operating Systems

macOS Monterey (12.x), or macOS Ventura (13.x). Nuke 14.1 is supported under Rosetta emulation on Apple's silicon hardware and M1 and M2 chips. Native support is available in Nuke 15.0 on Apple's M1 and M2 hardware.

Article:  For more information on Foundry products and supported macOS versions, see Foundry Knowledge Base article Q100592.

Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit)

Linux 7.6 to 7.9 (64-bit)

Warning:  Nuke requires libnuma to run under Linux distributions, the library is required by the Nablet H264 Codec SDK.

Note:  The currently supported version of VFX Reference Platform includes library versions that are only compatible with CentOS/RHEL 7.6 to 7.9.

Other operating systems may work, but have not been fully tested.

Requirements for Nuke's GPU Acceleration

If you want to enable Nuke to calculate certain nodes using the GPU, there are some additional requirements.


An NVIDIA GPU with graphics drivers capable of running CUDA 11.8, or above. A list of the compute capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs is available at

Note:  The compute capability is a property of the GPU hardware and can't be altered by a software update.

With graphics drivers capable of running CUDA 11.8, or above. On Windows and Linux, CUDA graphics drivers are bundled with the regular drivers for your NVIDIA GPU. Driver versions 522.06 (Windows) and 520.61.05 (Linux), or above are required. See for more information on compatible drivers.

Note:  We recommend using the latest graphics drivers, where possible, regardless of operating system.


Note:  Bitwise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

On Windows and Linux, an AMD GPU from the following list:

Note:  Other AMD GPUs may work, but have not been fully tested.

AMD Radeon PRO W7900

AMD Radeon PRO W6600

AMD Radeon PRO W6800

AMD Radeon Pro W5700

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

Note:  For information on the recommended driver for each GPU, see

Mac GPUs

Apple silicon integrated GPUs are supported as are AMD GPUs on the following Intel CPU Macs:

Any late 2013 Mac Pro onward (including 2019 Mac Pro),

Mid-2015 MacBook Pros onward, and

Late 2017 iMac Pros onward.

All supported Mac Pros will include a multi-GPU support option, where applicable. When enabled in the preferences, GPU processing is shared between the available GPUs for extra processing speed. Bitwise equality between GPU and CPU holds in most cases, but for some operations, there are limitations to the accuracy possible with this configuration.

Warning:  Although AMD GPUs are enabled on other Mac models, they are not officially supported and used at your own risk.

Add-on GPUs

AMD cards in eGPU set-ups for macOS 10.13.5 and later. The Sonnet eGFX Breakaway box and Blackmagic eGPU have both also been tested with Nuke.

Multi-GPU Processing

Nuke's GPU support includes an Enable multi-GPU support option. When enabled in the preferences, GPU processing is shared between the available GPUs for extra processing speed.

Note:  Multi-GPU processing is only available for identical GPUs in the same machine. For example, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080s or two AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100s.

GPU Requirements for the Machine Learning Toolset

Training using the CopyCat node requires an NVIDIA GPU, with compute capability 3.5 or above; or MacOS Apple silicon integrated GPUs.

If an appropriate GPU is not available, Inference and other machine learning plug-ins can run on the CPU with significantly degraded performance.

Developer Notes

As Nuke develops, we sometimes have to make changes to the API and ABI under the hood. We try to keep these changes to a minimum and only for certain releases, but from time to time API and ABI compatibility is not guaranteed. See the following table for the situations when you may have to recompile your plug-ins and/or make changes to the source code.

Release Type






14.0v1 to 14.0v2





14.0v1 to 14.1v1




14.0v1 to 15.0v1


Additionally, node Class() names occasionally change between major releases. While these changes do not affect legacy scripts, you may not get the results you were expecting if a node class has been modified. The file, used to create Nuke's node toolbar, contains all the current node class names and is located in <install_directory>/plugins/nukescripts/ for reference.

As an example, between Nuke 13 and Nuke 14, the Axis node Class() changed from Axis3 to Axis4. In the file for the two releases, the entries for the Axis node appear as follows:

m3Dclassic.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis3\")", icon="Axis.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Classic, node="Axis3", tagTarget=MenuItemTagTargetFlag.TabMenu)

m3D.addCommand("Axis", "nuke.createNode(\"Axis4\")", icon="Axis_3D.png", tag=MenuItemTag.Beta, node="Axis4")