Source code for nukescripts.nodes

# Copyright (c) 2009 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.

import nuke_internal as nuke

[docs]def color_nodes(): """Set all selected nodes to be the same colour as the first selected node.""" n = nuke.selectedNode() if n is None: nuke.message("No node selected") return c = n.knob("tile_color") c = nuke.getColor(c.value()) n.knob("tile_color").setValue(c) # get other nodes: n = nuke.selectedNodes() for i in n: i.knob("tile_color").setValue(c) nuke.modified(True)
[docs]def node_delete(popupOnError = False): d = nuke.dependentNodes(nuke.EXPRESSIONS | nuke.LINKINPUTS | nuke.HIDDEN_INPUTS, nuke.selectedNodes(), False) l = "" for i in d: if i.Class() != "Viewer": l = l + i.fullName() + ", " l = l[0:len(l)-2] if len(l) > 0: if not nuke.ask("The nodes you are deleting are used by expressions in:\n" + l + "\nAre you sure you want to delete?"): return nuke.nodeDelete(popupOnError)