Source code for nukescripts.renderpanel

# Copyright (c) 2009 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.

import re
import nuke_internal as nuke
import nukescripts

[docs]def render_panel(_list, exceptOnError = True, allowFrameServer = True): return nukescripts.showRenderDialog(_list, exceptOnError, allowFrameServer)
[docs]def cache_particles_panel(particleCacheNode): particleCacheNode.knobs()["particle_cache_render_in_progress"].setValue(True) try: nuke.Undo().disable() rootNode = nuke.root() firstFrame = int(rootNode['first_frame'].getValue()) lastFrame = int(rootNode['last_frame'].getValue()) # Extra frames added for motion blur padding = int(particleCacheNode['particle_cache_padding'].getValue()) nuke.executeMultiple((particleCacheNode,), ([firstFrame - padding, lastFrame + padding, 1],)) except RuntimeError as e: nuke.tprint(e) if e.args[0][0:9] != "Cancelled": # TO DO: change this to an exception type raise finally: nuke.Undo().enable()