Nuke binary plugins 15.0.4
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Nuke binary plugins

The DDImage library is the shared library section of Nuke. It contains all the interfaces needed by Nuke plugins. Originally DDImage was concerned with image processing (thus its name) but it has expanded to cover some 3D and general math operations needed by Nuke plugins, and contains stub code (replaced by Nuke with pointers to its own code) for the user interface operations available to a plugin.

This document contains all information needed to write plugins for the Nuke compositor. You will find links to fully documented sample code at the bottom of this page.

Quick links to all documentation

  • NDK Developers Guide: A guide for Nuke C++ plugin developers.
  • Sample Source Code: Actual source for many of the plugins available with Nuke.
  • Classes: All the C++ classes in DDImage.
  • Class Hierarchy: All the C++ classes in DDImage.
  • Non-class Header Files: DDImage header files that don't contain a same-named class definition. This includes a number of important portability headers.
  • Methods: Alphabetical list of all methods. If you see a method being called but are not sure what the class is, check here to find to method documentation.
  • Functions and Variables: A list of all functions, variables, and macros that are not class members in DDImage.

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