Introduction to Ocula

Ocula is a collection of tools that solve common problems with stereoscopic imagery, improve productivity in post production, and ultimately help to deliver a more rewarding 3D-stereo viewing experience. All Ocula nodes integrate seamlessly into Nuke. They are applied to your clips as any other node and they can all be animated using the standard Nuke animation tools.

Ocula’s fine-level control makes producing high-quality stereo VFX faster and easier, with the ability to correct color and focus, automatically correct alignment, retime stereo views and more.

Image-building tools match original footage without depth tearing, while additional tools enable you to calculate clean and stable stereo disparity without depth roll-off.

Built-in automation allows corrections to be scripted for offline work, while advanced GPU acceleration speeds up interactive processing, with the same results as the CPU.

Special thanks to Disney Enterprises, Inc. for use of the TRON: LEGACY images throughout this user guide.

Example Images

Example images are provided for use with Ocula. You can download these images from here and try Ocula out with them.

Note:  You can download a 30-day trial license for Ocula from our website: