Installation on Mac

Ocula is distributed as a software download from our website. To install Ocula 4.0 on a Mac, follow these instructions:

1.   Download the correct installation file from our website at
2.   Change the permissions on the .run file using the chmod command:

chmod 755 Ocula-<version>

3.   Extract Ocula from the .run archive with the following terminal command, replacing <version> with the current version:

sudo ./Ocula-<version>

Tip:  You can display a list of install options using the --help command:
Ocula-<version> --help

The installer displays the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) and prompts you to accept it.

4.   If you agree with the EULA, enter y and press Return to continue. If you don’t agree with the EULA and press N instead, the installation is canceled.

Tip:  If you've already read and agreed to the terms of the EULA, you can skip to the end of the text by pressing Q.

You can skip the EULA step using the --accept-foundry-eula option, which means you agree to the terms of the EULA:
sudo ./Ocula-<version> --accept-foundry-eula
To see the EULA, please refer to End User License Agreement.

This creates the /Library/Application Support/Nuke/<version>/plugins/ocula/<version> sub-directory (if it doesn’t already exist), and installs Ocula in that directory.

5.   Proceed to Licensing.