Release Notes for Ocula 4.0v9

Release Date

March 2020

Minimum System Requirements

A version of Nuke 12.1 on:

macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Windows 7 or Windows 10 (64-bit)

Linux CentOS 7 (64-bit)

New Features and Enhancements

This release of Ocula is exclusively for Nuke 12.1 for all platforms. The functionality of all nodes remains the same as previous releases of Ocula, which should still be used for older releases of Nuke.

Bug Fixes

There are no bug fixes in this release.

Known Issues and Workarounds

• ID 407149 - StereoReviewGizmo: Adding a FullPipeline toolset from the Ocula menu before adding stereo views to the script disables some controls in the Properties panel of the StereoReviewGizmo.
As a workaround, set up the stereo views in the Project Settings before adding the FullPipeline toolset.

• ID 153813 - Late 2013 Mac Pros only: When enabled in Nuke's Preferences, all Ocula nodes indicate that 2 GPUs are in use in their properties, when in fact, Ocula nodes only employ 1 GPU at a time.

• ID 141910 - Ocula's ReviewGizmos and Toolsets require standard left and right views to operate correctly.

• ID 140906 - O_Solver: Deleting or manipulating feature matches does not currently create an undo stack.

• ID 139604 - O_Solver: The Viewer doesn't update after enabling downstream nodes with postage stamps enabled.

• ID 138346 - O_Solver: The Preview Alignment overlay is not displayed until you mouse-over the Viewer.