Tracking and Stabilizing

CaraVR’s 2D Tracker allows you to extract animation data from the pan, tilt, and roll of a pattern. You can then apply the data directly to transform or match-move another element. Or you can invert the data values and apply them to the original element to stabilize the image.

C_Tracker differs from vanilla Nuke's tracker in that tracking anchors don't include a search area. This is because C_Tracker searches the entire image for each track. As a result, a greater number of tracks does not impact performance like Nuke's tracker. In fact, in some cases fewer tracks can take longer to calculate.

Nuke's Tracker node.

CaraVR's C_Tracker node.

Additionally, C_Tracker it can track in latlong space, meaning features are tracked as they pass the edge of the frame when the image wraps around.

C_Tracker can solve the camera using auto-tracks, user tracks, or both combined. See Automatic Tracking, Manual Tracking, Solving Cameras and for more information.