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Compositing Workflows

The Compositing Workflow nodes deal with the bread and butter functions required in compositing, but within a VR environment.

C_Blender - is used as a Merge node to combine all images together after manually correcting a stitch. See Blending Multiple Views Together for more information.

C_Blur - similar to Nuke's standard Blur, but allows you to apply blur to a latlong image and produce a sensible result across the entire frame, as if the blur were applied to a rectilinear image all around. See Applying LatLong Blur for more information.

C_Bilateral - a smoothing filter, similar to Nuke's standard Bilateral node, that operates by mixing nearby source pixels according to their spatial distance and color similarity. The filter is particularly good at preserving edges, though it can be computationally expensive. See Bilateral Filtering for more information.

C_Tracker - similar to Nuke's standard Tracker, but with the addition of CameraTracker-style auto-tracking and calibrated for pattern tracking in lat-long space. See Tracking and Stabilizing for more information.

C_SphericalTransform - is a tool to convert between different projections, both 360 and partial frame, allowing you to rotate and define the space with a variety of different controls. See Transforming and Projecting for more information.

C_RayRender - is a ray tracing renderer alternative to Nuke’s ScanlineRender. It has a number of advantages over scanline-based renderers in a VR context, including:

the ability to render polar regions in a spherical mapping correctly, without the artifacts inherent in scanline-based rendering in these areas, and

support for lens shaders, allowing slit scan rendering of multi-view spherical maps. This provides a more natural viewing environment for VR material.

See Rendering Using C_RayRender for more information.

C_STMap - a GPU accelerated version of the Nuke STMap node, C_STPMap allows you to move pixels around in an image using a stitch_map or ppass_map to figure out where each pixel in the resulting image should come from in the input channels. You can re-use the map to warp another image, such as when applying lens distortion. See Warping Using STMaps for more information.

C_AlphaGenerator - a convenience tool that can be used to create a rectangular or elliptical mask in the alpha channel. See Generating Alpha Masks for more information.

C_GenerateMap - outputs a stitch_map or ppass_map for UV or XYZ coordinates, which can be warped and then piped into C_STMap. See Generating Stitch and PPass Maps for more information.

Split and Join Selectively - similar to Nuke's Split and Join node, but gives you more control over which views are affected. See Split and Join Selectively for more information.