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What's New in CaraVR 2.1

Explore what's been added to the latest versions of CaraVR.

Introduction to CaraVR

CaraVR is a suite of nodes designed to assist compositing of mono and stereo live action 360 footage in post-production.
CaraVR operations are separated into four broad categories: stitching, workflow, stereo rigs, and review.

Imports from Autopano Video

CaraVR's Autopano importer allows you to import projects directly from Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro using the .kava file format.

Matching Vertical Alignment

C_VerticalAligner, based on Ocula's VerticalAligner, eliminates vertical differences between stereo camera pairs while maintaining horizontal pixel positions. C_VerticalAligner is predominantly designed for use in rectilinear space, but it can also warp in latlong space to provide better results from fisheye lenses.

Reviewing Your Work

CaraVR provides a monitor out plug-ins for the Oculus CV1, DK2, and HTC Vive, which work in a similar way to Nuke's existing SDI plug-ins.

CaraVR Tutorials


Stitching Nokia OZO Footage

An example of some workflows specific to stitching footage from the Nokia OZO camera in CaraVR for Nuke.

Intro to Stereo Stitching

An introduction to producing stereo content using CaraVR, covering a number of ways you can use the plug-ins to generate stereo footage.

VR Production Methods

VR Playhouse share some of their production methods when using CaraVR and Nuke, including stitching PixPro footage, and stabilization.

Using Google Jump Data

This tutorial covers using a C_CameraSolver preset and depth data from Google Jump in CaraVR for Nuke. Learn how to import 3D objects into your script using Nuke's point clouds and split a latlong into a cubemap with depth.

Tracking and Stabilization

In this tutorial, Albert Cook from VR Playhouse demonstrates how to track and stabilize a moving 360 shot using CaraVR's C_Tracker and C_SphericalTransform nodes.