Sheet Display Properties

This video demonstrates the effects of editing sheet properties.

In the video:

Clicking the Display tab to change the Sheet properties.

Copying items from one sheet to another sheet using Ctrl/Cmd + C and Ctrl/Cmd + V.

Changing the position of a sheet relative to the first sheet.

Changing the size of a sheet and the opacity of the background to make it transparent.

Repositioning sheets in the workspace. This does not reposition sheets in the Items tree.

Repositioning sheets in the Items tree, click on a sheet and drag-and-drop it where you want to place it.

Displaying the sheets order by navigating to Sheet > Show sheet numbers.

Changing the Sheet Size and Project's DPI

If you'd like to change the size of a sheet, you can do it in the Display tab of the properties panel (right menu).

Tip:  You can crop a sheet on to the bounding box of a selected item. With your item selected, in the menu bar, click Sheet > Crop Sheet to Selected Item. This resizes the sheet to fit the bounding box of the selected item.

You can also change the DPI setting of your project in the Display tab. The DPI setting applies to all sheets within a project and you can change it as many times as you like.

.dci Display Properties





Specify a blend mode for the selected item.



Specify an opacity for the selected item.



Enabling the Background property puts a backdrop behind your selected .dci item.  


Enabling Flat mode flattens all the colors on your selected .dci item so you can visualize all the colors on your item without the shading.

Flat mode disabled.

Flat mode enabled.


DCI Materials

Enabling DCI Materials shows all the baked textures rendered from Modo on the selected .dci item.

DCI Materials disabled.

DCI Materials enabled. Materials rendered from Modo are displayed.

The DCI Materials property is shared between all linked items.


Masks the item on the sheet using a selected mask. See Masking Items on the Sheet for more information.


Crop Content

When enabled, this option auto-fits the selected item to the boundaries of the sheet, or the bounding box (whichever is smaller). This is helpful if you need to export your sheet for use in marketing material or websites, where as little white space as possible is required.