What's New in Colorway 5.0

New Features

Texture Recoloring

In Colorway 5.0 you can now recolor textures. This allows for in-depth color editing of patterns and prints, making the need for third-party software a thing of the past.

For more information see Recoloring Textures.

Multiple Projects in Colorway

Colorway improves cross-collaboration with the ability to open multiple projects simultaneously. Now stored in tabs for quick access, it's easier than ever to work on multiple projects at once. Project tabs also allow you to copy and paste palettes, tables, textures, and much more between projects without the need to import and export each time.

Exporting Transparent Sheets

Colorway now supports exporting with transparency, making it easier to add sheets to internal presentations, client showcases, and promotional material without having to edit out white space

Dynamic Table Ordering

Order variables alphabetically, or numerically with the click of a button in Colorway 5.0. This update makes it quicker and easier to find part names and numbers, hex codes, material names, and so many more visible column attributes.

Colorway for Modo Kit Updates

Render Pass Based DCI Generation

This is a brand new workflow that fully utilises mPath and light path expressions to reduce the number of individual render steps needed to generate DCIs. Render Pass workflows also include full support for mPath rendering to reduce render steps, making the process quicker and less intensive on your hardware.

Frame Range setting stored with scene

The Render Current Frame Range setting is now stored and saved in the scene, instead of it being a global control that affected all scenes and sessions. This makes it easier to change frame ranges between sessions.

Render to a Folder

Folder structures that have previously been generated by the kit can now be bundled into a DCI file for importing into colorway, making file management more efficient and importing multiple files into Colorway quicker.

Instanced materials support

The Colorway kit now allows you to instance materials from the Modo Shader Tree and will correctly render them into DCI files.

Workflow and User Experience

New Color Themes

Colorway 5.0 now offers five different themes for your workspace. Available in white, black, and shades of gray, these new themes can be found in the preferences window.

SourceBrowser Enhancements

In Colorway 5.0, we've updated the SourceBrowser to match the layout of your operating system's File Browser to make navigation quicker, easier, and more intuitive.

Updated Source Browser Layout

The Save As dialogue window has been updated so you can tag whole file directories as favorites and create new folders within the dialogue window. The dialogue window has also received a UI overhaul, making it easier to navigate and use.

Updated Save As Window

Loading Bar

The loading bar now shows images of each asset as it’s imported, allowing for a more granular view of the import process.

Licensing Colorway

We’ve introduced Cloud-based licensing in addition to our traditional RLM licensing, making it easier than ever before to activate and manage your products. The activation window has been revamped, making it easier to log into your Foundry account, select products to activate and see the expiry dates of your licenses.