Working with Colorspace

Colorway's built in OpenColorIO library allows you to choose from a variety of industry standard colorspaces for color management within your projects. The display colorspace changes the way materials, textures, DCI items, and color palettes are viewed on the screen. The working colorspace is used for internal composition of the scene such as blending of textures and items in the workspace.

Everything on screen is converted from the input colorspace to the working colorspace selected in your project. The displayed colors are then converted to the specified display colorspace or export colorspace for final display and storage of your project.

In the video:

Changing the Display Colorspace

1.   Open Edit > Preferences.
2.   Click the Colors tab.
3.   Click the dropdown menu next to Display color space to select the required colorspace.

The selected colorspace is stored in the Preferences between sessions on your machine.

Tip:  Your Colorway preferences can be exported and stored to a .conf file using the Export Settings option in the Preferences.

Changing the Working Colorspace

1.   Click a sheet in your project.
2.   Click the Display tab on the right-hand side of the UI.
3.   Click the dropdown menu next to Color Space to select the required working colorspace.

The selected working colorspace is stored in the project.

Tip:  AdobeRGB has a wider range of colors than sRGB, so the Linear-AdobeRGB working colorspace is recommended to achieve the best range of colors when using AdobeRGB display and export colorspace.

Exporting a Color Profile With Your Projects

With a project open:

1.   Click FileExport.

You can export the Current sheet, Selected sheets, or Entire project.

2.   Under Color Space, click the dropdown menu and select a colorspace for your exported project.
3.   Turn on embed ICC profile if you want to embed the color profile into your exported file.

Note:  Turning on embed ICC profile increases the exported file size.

Note:  The embed ICC profile option is not available on .BMP files.