Understanding the Interface

Colorway UI Overview

Start here to explore Colorway's User Interface.

Changing the Menu Orientation

How to rearrange the menu layout in Colorway.

The Sheets & Item Tree

The Sheet panel provides quick access to your sheets and the items contained within each sheet.

Manipulating Items

Controlling items in Colorway.

Using the Variation Stack

Use the left docked-menu to try out color variations on the same items.

Sheet Masking

Masking allows you hide or reveal parts of images that fall outside of the sheet.

Locking Movement

You can lock the movement of items to prevent accidental nudges when editing.

Selecting Items

How to select the same items or items beneath other items.

Presentation Mode

Page between sheets in fullscreen.

Variant Selector

Compare variants with the variant selector tool.

Status Bar and Tooltips

Get extra help from the status bar and tooltips.

Working with Images

Add images and LiveSources and apply tints.

Working with Colorspace

How to change your working and display colorspace.

User Preferences

Customise your Colorway workspace.