Working with Images

Colorway allows you to use any of the most common image types in your project.

Note:  For working with .dci (Deep Color Images) see Working with Deep Color Images (DCI) & SVG.

The video shows you how to insert an image into your Colorway project.

Adding an Image to a Sheet

1.   Click the Place Tool tool in the Toolbar, then click-and-drag on the sheet to define a bounding box,


In the menu bar, click Items > Insert anything...


Press I on the keyboard.

This opens the Source Browser.

2.   Navigate to the image you'd like to add and click Select.

The image appears on your sheet.

Tip:  You can also drag and drop an image to the sheet.

Once you've added an image, you can move, scale, and rotate it directly on the sheet or by editing its properties in the Properties panel.

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Manipulating Items

Adding Multiple Images as LiveSources

You can add a LiveSource of multiple images to your sheet similarly to adding any item, but instead of selecting a single file, you specify a folder of files.

Colorway creates a new image item on your sheet and displays the first valid image in the folder.

Tip:  You can also drag and drop a folder to your sheet.

Renaming an Image

When adding an image to your sheet, it is named Image # by default. This is the name you can see in the Items List.

You can rename the item in the Items List by double-clicking on the name.

Adding Variants to an Existing Image Item

If you'd like to change a single image item to a LiveSource, you can do that in the properties panel:

1.   Select the item.
2.   Click the Variants tab, and +
3.   Navigate to the folder you'd like to add, and click Select.

Colorway replaces your image with the first available variant.

To switch between the available image variants, use the [ and ] keys or open the properties panel and click the Variants tab. Here you can see the thumbnails of each available variant. When you click a variant, the sheet gets updated with that file.

To remove a variant, click the x in the top-right cornet of the variant's thumbnail. If you want to remove an entire folder of variants, click the x on the right of the folder name.

Applying Tint to Images

Colorway allows you to add a tint color to an image item using one of two methods:

Assign a swatch to your image item by dragging and dropping.

Use the item's Properties panel.