Exporting from Hiero

This section deals primarily with shot management and export functionality when you're farming out shots or sequences to other artists. It also deals with the presets, which dictate how Create Comp Clips passes data between Hiero and Nuke.

The export suite can transcode, export clip selections from a timeline or bin, write out EDL, OTIO, and XML files, or bake out an entire timeline as a single clip in your required delivery format. The Export presets are also used to manage how Create Comp Clips sends clips back and forth between Hiero and Nuke using Local and Project Presets.

Hiero ships with several context-sensitive and ad hoc export options:

Exporting Sequences and Shots - the process of preparing a sequence or individual shots for export and paving the way for VFX work to come back into Hiero.

Transcoding - converts one file format to another. You can transcode sequences, timeline selections, and clips from the bin view.

Ad Hoc Exports - an umbrella covering exports that you might not perform on a per project basis, such as EDL, OTIO, or XML exports.

With the addition of Python bindings to perform the same functions, this infrastructure provides a massive amount of flexibility, whether your pipeline is GUI or command line orientated.

Note:  Hiero is non-destructive and can slot into your pipeline if you setup your shot template to mirror the existing file structure.